Pregnancy Q&A Round Two.

This pregnancy has been completely different than my first one with Ruby! At least the first trimester so far. Now that I’m in my second, I’m feeling perfectly fine with just a few little weird things popping up here and there but overall feeling okay. As far as fashion goes, I want to try my best to dress like I normally do and find the right pieces that work for pregnancy but can also be worn afterwards so it’s not a waste! I’m here to answer all questions I’ve been getting from you guys recently and will definitely do another one later down the line!

Q. How do you change what you’re eating when you are pregnant? What is a typical diet per day?

A. Well you have to change a few of the obvious things like alcohol, sushi, deli meat, and cheeses but other than that I haven’t really changed too much. I add a little more calcium to my diet like yogurts and milk but I’m basically eating what I’ve always eaten. I do want to try to be a little healthier this time around but I find myself just going after what I want. For breakfast, no matter what, I always have chocolate chip pancakes. I did this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. with Ruby. I don’t know what it is but it’s the only thing I want to eat in the morning. I add a little wheatgerm to my pancake mix and have it with a glass of orange juice. Within two hours, I’m already hungry again and all I really want are carbs. I have a scooped out toasted bagel with cream cheese. Then for lunch I usually like to get a salad with chicken. From there I snack on fruits or a Siggi’s yogurt. Dinner is usually chicken with rice from Perayli, shrimp tempura roll with a snow pea salad from Seki, Spaghetti and meatballs and the artichoke, corn, cucumber salad from Antonucci’s, sometimes I crave pizza and garlic knots. Then I always have an apple in bed, followed by an ice pop or ice cream. It’s all so fattening and so unhealthy I’m probably the worst person to go by when pregnant but during this time I figure, enjoy eating what you want because I won’t have the opportunity to eat like this again post baby. Since I know I can lose the weight like I did the first time, I feel a little better with how much I’m eating this time around.

Q. Have you found it harder to wear heels? What have been your go to shoes?

A. So far, I’m OK with wearing heels but I didn’t really find it hard until later on towards the third trimester. I’ve definitely opted for a lower heel recently though rather than my super high ones. I also love my cozy winter boots for right now. I have a few pairs, some from Moncler, some from Barneys New York brand and also the Row. A new pair I recently got are from Bandier. I’m sure once the weather gets warmer and I’m nearing my due date I’ll be living in all of my sneakers.

Q. Did you stop taking your vitamins once Ruby was born? Or did you continue to take them every day?

A. I kept taking the prenatal vitamins through breastfeeding and continued on for a few months after because I was terrified of my hair falling out (still happened anyway). I stopped at around 6 months post baby but wound up re taking them again a few months later because I just felt better when taking vitamins.

Q. Do you get morning sickness? How do you handle taking care of a toddler and feeling pregnancy symptoms at the same time?

A. I’m one of the lucky ones when it comes to morning sickness. Fortunately, I don’t throw up or anything like that but this first trimester I was super nauseous on and off (manageable) but still a terrible feeling. I also really needed a nap every single day. I felt so guilty, I would cry to my mom constantly because I didn’t want Ruby to remember me as a mom who just lays in her bed all day. I was so tired and overall just had this icky feeling and didn’t want to do anything. I napped while she did and would bring activities into my bed so we could spend time together. I really struggled with being in my apartment all together because of smells. I couldn’t take any cleaning supply smells and I couldn’t take the smell of the cooking for Ruby’s meals.

Q. What are your favorite maternity jeans and leggings? Do they run true to size?

A. So far, I’ve been loving the new Rag&Bone maternity jeans. They keep the styles basically looking the same but with a band at the top. I love brands that do that. I also love Citizens of Humanity and another brand is DL1961 but I suggest going down a size because they tend to run big. As far as leggings go, I’ve never given up my American Apparel leggings. I love their faux leather ones too but I’m on the hunt for new ones. I also love all my leggings from Bandier (the simple solid colored ones are great to wear every day).

Q. What was your post workout exercise to get your stomach back in shape? How long did you wait to start working on your stomach after pregnancy? How long did it take to get your abs back?

A. Tracy Anderson. I always hated cardio and so that’s why I felt cardio would be the best way to go post baby. I knew I hated it because it was hard but it gets the job done. I limited cardio after 6 months because it started to build too much muscle and I didn’t like how that looked. I did 30 minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes of toning when I hired a trainer. I incorporated ab work outs slowly post birth. We did ab sets that were helpful in bringing my abs back together.

Q. Are there certain foods you normally eat that you can’t anymore or that you all of a sudden crave now?

A. SUSHI!!! I want a spicy tuna roll with crunchies on top more than anything. My mouth even waters when I see Brandon eat Omakase and I normally am not an omakase girl. I just want it all. I also crave BRIE. Like gooey, melted brie with crackers. There was a special one we used to get in the Hamptons that I die for but can’t have. I just keep telling myself since the baby will be here this Summer I’ll be able to have it again during the Summer.

Q. Given that your families are so close, did you wait a little bit to tell them or did you and Brandon tell everyone as soon as you guys knew?

A. We are too close to our families that it would be impossible for us to keep it to ourselves. I am so close with my parents and Brandon’s parents – I speak to both of them at LEAST once a day so they were my first calls. I first called my mom immediately and then Nancy.

Q. Did you start showing earlier with your second pregnancy?

A. Oh my god, yes. I swear the second the stick said PREGNANT I noticed a belly. I couldn’t believe it. I asked my doctor if it was normal and she said it was. I look now how I looked at 25 weeks. It has been difficult for me to try and hide it from my followers.

Q. Best cream to prevent stretch marks?

A. I got stretch marks from Ruby around my belly button. I’m trying to be more adamant on applying this time around. I am also noticing them already on the sides of my butt cheeks. I put so much on now and I use MAMA MIO tummy oil and tummy butter.

Q. How about working out while pregnant?

A. With Ruby I didn’t work out but I’m changing that this pregnancy. I miss it so much. I’m actually starting with my new trainer, Megan, tomorrow! She has been studying and coming up with great exercises for me to do while I’m pregnant and I can’t wait to start sharing that journey with you guys.

Q. Best websites to shop for maternity clothes?

A. I love Shopbop for Maternity but at the end of the day, I never really shop MATERNITY unless it’s for denim. I like tight clothing that shows off the belly and I just go up a size.

Q. Do you have any anxieties this pregnancy? How do you handle it if you do?

A. Since getting sick and being in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, I have serious anxiety about germs and under cooked food/food poisoning. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I had food poisoning or the stomach flu. No one else in my family caught what I had which makes me believe it was food poisoning. I kept thinking what I had that day but nothing was that out of the ordinary. But, when I was in Florida, I was having dinner with my friend and she was talking to me about how her husband a few months ago got SO incredibly ill, was in the hospital, same symptoms as me and she’s never seen him so sick in his life and it turned out it was food poisoning. I said, wow that’s so scary – where did he eat? And she goes “La Esquina”. My mouth dropped because that is literally where I ordered lunch from THAT SAME DAY I got sick and it was the last thing I ate before I started feeling nauseous 3 hours later. I then googled their restaurant and found that there were tons of reports of people getting severe food poisoning from their food. I’m not trying to bash their restaurant or their food but I never EVER want what happened to me to happen to anyone else so here is your heads up.

Q. Best places to get cute baby clothes?

A. Zara, Bonpoint, Department Stores, there are a few cute shops in SOHO and 1212.

Q. What is your Starbucks order pregnant?

A. Hot chocolate and occasionally an iced latte DECAF.

Q. When did you decide on baby number #2?

A. I knew I wanted to get pregnant in the Fall so I went off my birth control right after the Revolve House in the Hamptons this Summer to cleanse my body and prepare.

Q. Any tips on morning sickness that actually occurs all day?

A. My best friend gets severe morning sickness. She always carries something with her, food wise, to snack on, she also used these certain lollipops that help with nausea and orders ginger-ale to sip on. My acupuncturist told me while I was nauseous to have hot water with lemon or with ginger. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much that can be done except to constantly snack with whatever you can keep down.

Q. Skincare and haircare during pregnancy?

A. Normally, I don’t focus that much on changing my skincare during pregnancy but this pregnancy so many weird things have been happening to my skin. I stopped using anything that is thick in texture or has a scent. ELTA MD has a great lotion, I use Pores No More Dr. Brandt face wash and sometimes I switch on and off with KIEHLS moisturizer and the Elta one. For my hair I was using the NEXXUS keraphix to get my hair back to life but a good every day shampoo and conditioner is VERB. During my first trimester I was occasionally using the KERASTASE hair mask as conditioner which I normally love but the scent was making me so incredibly sick (I have no clue why)! so I had to stop using it.

Q. I’m scared of giving birth. Is it really that bad? Any tips for anxiety and worries?

A. It’s really not bad. The first time around I didn’t know what to expect so I really had no anxieties but this time around it’s kind of weird but also comforting knowing how it happens. Although each time I’m sure is different. I had an epidural so that pain was totally manageable. The hardest part for me was pushing but that’s only because it’s so exhausting not because you’re in pain. A tip, everyone does it, if every single woman can do it, then so can you. There are so many things you can do to help with pain – there really isn’t much to fear if you have a wonderful doctor and are in a good hospital.

Q. Do you crave anything while you’re pregnant? Have your cravings changed with your second baby?

A. I crave Siggi’s coconut yogurt, my GOODPOP strawberry lemonade ice pops, chocolate, and pizza. It’s a little but different than Ruby but not too much. With Ruby, I always had to have a glass of ice cold milk in the mornings but now I can’t even look at milk. It tastes like an actual cow to me!!! It’s so gross. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same as far as cravings go.

Q. How long did you have to try this time around?

A. I went off the pill in July and I started trying in August. I got pregnant in October.

Q. Do you already have an idea for the name?

A. We actually pretty much have our name already. It’s wild since it took us forever to figure out Ruby’s. We love the name we have so far, hopefully it doesn’t change!

Q. Are you planning to breastfeed?

A. I am planning to breastfeed, yes!

Q. How did you tell Brandon you were pregnant?

A. I just got back from Vegas where I had no clue I was pregnant. I was supposed to get my period and didn’t but figured I’d just pee on a stick and see. I didn’t want to though because I had been trying for two months before and kept seeing negatives so I kept telling myself it’s probably a negative again. It felt surreal, it didn’t feel real. I didn’t want to go to sleep because I kept thinking I’d wake up and it would be a dream. He was laying in bed and I just got out of the shower and was getting ready for bed when I saw. I ran out and told him right away.

Q. What method did you use to try to get pregnant? Was there an app you used to help with ovulation predictions or something else?

A. So for the first two months, I immediately started using the CLEARBLUE ovulation kits. Because I had just gone of the pill, my ovulation was so off that I had no clue really when I was ovulating. After two months of not getting pregnant, my acupuncturist said PLEASE stop using the kits. They are giving you false ovulation times and you are having sex on the wrong days, it’s getting in your head and messing you all up. So the following month, I just decided to have sex when we wanted to, not think about the kit or when I was ovulating and hope for the best. It worked.

Q. Are Ruby and the new baby going to share a room?

A. No, we are turning the playroom into a nursery. Eventually though, if I ever decide to have a third, I would love to put Ruby and baby #2 in a room together in bunk beds. Me and my sister Danielle did that growing up and I loved it.

Q. How would you describe your pregnancy style with Ruby and how it has changed with baby #2?

A. I think I’ve just grown up so much as a person since being pregnant with Ruby. My style has overall changed but also changed so much since becoming a mother in general. I think this time around I’m going to be a little more practical and a little more classic. I’m still the same person so I’ll just dress based on how I feel at the end of the day but my wardrobe has totally changed.

Comment below if there is any other questions I missed, I’ll add them in as I read them!


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  1. Hi Arielle, I’m only 22 and not planning to get pregnant any time soon but just wanted to say how much I love reading all your posts and how happy I am for you and your family!! Much love from Israel ❤️

    1. I could not have said it better. I really enjoyed reading this blog post even though I’m not trying to get pregnant soon 🙈. I wish you all the best for you and your family!!

      Best wishes from Germany,

      xxx Anna

  2. Ruby has been so sweet with your growing belly, but how do you think she will adjust to her new sibling? I’ve seen the videos where Brandon is hugging you or you go into another room and Ruby cries. Are you going to prepare her in any way when you change her playroom into a nursery? I only ask because I’m experiencing something similar!

    1. I am super nervous about that. Ruby is so attached and I am always wondering how she will be when another baby is here. I am going to read about this and try to find some tips/advice on how I can make the transition smooth. I’m mostly concerned about breastfeeding and how that will affect her. My mom told me any time someone would bring a present for me as a baby, my mom would also give one to my older sister. She also would let her sit with her while she breastfed with me. I’ll get back to you!

  3. Hi Arielle, congrats to you and your family! Such wonderful news!
    I just wanted to let you know that Aritzia makes the BEST faux leather leggings.. they are called the Daria Legging… check them out, I’m sure you’ll love them!

  4. Hi Arielle,
    I just wanted to say don’t let any of the hate get to you. There are people like me out there who really turn to you for inspiration and support. Throughout the entirety of my high school career you have been a role model, teaching me how to be level headed and to demand others respect. I may not comment on a lot of your posts or DM you a lot but just know there are people like me out there who you influence and are someone for teens to look up to. I love your energy and how you have allowed so many of us the opportunity to essentially be apart of your family and to watch Ruby and your other baby grow. Your insta stories, blog posts, and Instagram posts are the highlights of my day and really cheer me up when I’m feeling down or just feeling the stresses of life. Please don’t let the haters get to you because there are people out there like me who love you endlessly. Stay strong Arielle!

  5. Hi Arielle! First of all, I want to let you know you are an inspiration for all of your followers! You teach me new things everyday from being a mom. I think the haters are jealous because you are a great blogger. Do not let them bring you down because that is their goal. Be strong and do not even read them. I really trust you and I know that you only do the best to keep your followers entertained. I hope you have a great day! If you can, please follow me on insta and check my posts: @raquel_ovadia (btw I am jewish, too) Love you to the infinity and beyond!

  6. I love this post! Thank you! Can’t wait to see your looks because I’m a
    little further along than you and would love some inspiration.

    Since you are having another girl, would you share some boy name inspiration?

  7. Hey Arielle,
    Just wanted to say do not pay attention to what people think they are jealous and mad… you are the best blogger in the world litteraly and if they don’t like you and your post then just go somewhere else haha !!

    It’s crazy how I enjoy reading your articles and how watching your stories make my day. I love Ruby so much and I can’t wait to love the other one !!

    Bless you,


  8. Hi Arielle! Congrats on #2!!!!!!!!!!! Did you travel during your first trimester? Is it safe to do so? I have a lot of travels coming up so was curious what you did to manage through all that.


  9. Hi! I just saw your Instastory about the negative comments on your blog. I can’t even at people taking a shot at your child. Ignore them! Rudy is a normal happy child and all kids are like that with pets. I am also pregnant and am also due in June. Post as much as you can about pregnancy as this is my first time. I live no where close to the same lift style you have but i have never ever found you stuck up, vapid or self-centered. I find you and your family super down to earth. Keep it up! <3

  10. Thank you so much for this post! I am pregnant with our first and we are so excited but with everything being so new, it’s nice to see that everything I am going through is totally normal! Also, my version of chocolate chip pancakes is chocolate milk! Literally can’t go a day without having a glass!


  11. Hi!!
    Congratulations on baby #2!! I have been following you for a very long time now and really enjoy watching you and your family along with your fashion!! My husband and I are going to start trying to have a baby soon and I just wanted to know what prenatal vitamins brand you take?!? I’ve heard some can make you feel nauseous! Congratulations again you look beautiful pregnant!
    Xo, Molly

  12. Hi Arielle,

    Love your blog, love your insta, Ruby is SO cute and I always look forward to watching your insta stories! Congrats on the new baby 🙂 xoxo

  13. Makes me so sad to see such mean comments to you, especially with the promise a new year brings. Hope you know how much the large majority of us enjoy all the details of your life that you choose to share. Wishing you and your beautiful family a happy new year filled with lots of love and light. Huge congratulations to the entire family on your newest bundle of happiness. ❤️

  14. Hi Arielle, I usually dont post comments, but I just saw your insta story and was shocked about this meanful people who are hiding themselves behind the internet…
    Anyways, I just want to send you some positivity and tell you that you are one of my favorite blogger out their🎀💕, exactly because your instastory is so authentic and more personal!!😊✨
    And besides that I think you are such a role model for so many young women, you defenitely are for me😍😘!!

    Send you much love from Switzerland😊💘

  15. I remember you saying before you had ruby that you were super selfish and were nervous about that…how did that change once ruby was born? I’m super nervous to start trying because of how selfish i am meaning i don’t really feel like ill have the strength to get up early or make a cute lunch for them etc. Also with anxiety how do you deal with it while being pregnant and not being able to just take a xanax to help you

  16. Hi Arielle!

    I don’t normally comment or dm but when I saw your insta story about the rude comments I just had to shoot a quick comment and say that they are 100% wrong.You are one of my favorite bloggers and I love how open and down to earth you are. I love that you share so much of your personal life it makes you so authentic and genuine. Your instastories that involve Ruby Lou are my all time favorite!!! I literally show them to my friends all the time because she is just too adorable not share plus that giggle of hers is contagious! Don’t let them get you down, get doing you girl. Congrats on #2!!! Xoxo

  17. Hi Arielle, Can you tell us more about your plans for the house with this baby? Are you re-using Ruby’s furniture or do you have to buy a second set? Where will all of Ruby’s toys in the playroom go? So excited to see how you decorate!

  18. Hi Arielle! I just saw your insta story about the nasty comments people are leaving on this post. I think you are a FANTASTIC mother and business woman and you seem to be juggling it all so well. Im only 20 and I aspire to be just like you one day! Don’t listen to what anyone has to say – Ruby is so well mannered, sweet and beautiful just like you and Brandon. I wish nothing but the best for you guys with baby #2. Much love from New York xx

  19. I’m starting to think about what to pack in my hospital bag at 34 weeks and am wondering if you can remember which items you packed last time that were most helpful and what you will add in this time around?

  20. Thanks for this post! I’m also due in June with baby #2 so I can relate to this so much. Just wanted to share that you CAN eat Brie cheese! You just have to make sure it’s pasturized. Same with all soft cheeses! Enjoy 🙂

  21. Hi! I am literally stalking your feeds for help. It’s sad. Obsessed with your wall color and saved it but didn’t back up my phone so it’s lost. Help! In search of your light grey and white colors. Thanks 🙂 mazel on #2!

  22. Glad you are feeling better! That sounded so scary! Also, I’m sure you’ve researched plenty but most of the time “food poisoning” is actually the stomach bug (norovirus) but simply transmitted via food (infected food workers that had the virus and then handle food while still contagious). Of course, it could have been actual food poisoning like salmonella but that is quite rare. Either way, UGH!!

  23. Hi Arielle, I love you and your family and love following along! Question- where is the coat from in the instagram you posted today that talked about the pregnancy Q&A? Thanks so much!

  24. I wanted to ask where are all the toys from the playroom going to go, will they fit in Ruby’s room? How will she react to not having the playroom anymore. Love you and your family! xx

    1. I’m going to spread them out through her room and the new babies room. Also our building has a playroom in the basement so I’ve donated a bunch of toys to that room as well. Hopefully it’ll be a smooth transition but I know it’s not always easy!

  25. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing.. I just found out I’m pregnant with my 2nd Baby too and I’m so excited! I was wondering what your doctor said about starting a new workout regime? I also want to be fit with my second pregnancy (barely exercised w the first) but was worried about starting something new while pregnant. I’ve read that your not supposed to introduce a new workout while pregnant. I’m excited to follow along and see what new workouts your trainer has you do! Loved watching your dance videos you did! ❤️ To Ruby!

    1. She told me exercise is completely safe and although I avoided it the first pregnancy, I am going to try it out this time. I miss it and I genuinely feel better after I do it. I think they say as long as it’s an exercise you’ve been doing before pregnancy it’s okay to do it during! It’s all about being gradual and slowly getting into it!

  26. You are asking people to not be negative and you, you that have one million followers, bash one restaurant without even being sure of what happened. Have you thought of the consequences of that? And then the same you, the one million followers blogger, calls a delivery guy idiotic on NY. Don’t you think thats bullying? Maybe even worse than the one you think you are a victim. When people write you something you don’t wanna hear, instead on going on the hate side, stop, leave your phone alone for two hours and think. Maybe some people just want you to be a better person. I follow you since instagram wasnt even a thing, I shared your photos all the time, but now, sometimes, for real, you dont look like a nice person. And that make me sad. It’s like instagram reality show killed the blog star, but I still have hope for you. Just read in between lines. You can delete this comment, I just really wish you can still make me want see a you as an inspiration again.

  27. Hi Arielle,
    I used to love your blog and posts but I now just avoid them a lot. I would like to tell you why maybe you can see my point of view. Opening up your “blogger mail” to me is a complete waste of time. You didn’t review any of the products so why show them? Isn’t a blogger supposed to tell you how good or bad a product is instead of opening something and saying, “look”. I just feel it’s kind of like wasted content i would personally like just knowing what you love and what you don’t love. Also did you ever use Pantene Pro v or was that all just for the commercial? Just curious. Thanks! Congratulations on your pregnancy. ruby is so cute

    1. I review the ones that I use and love – maybe you miss those posts after instastories. As far as Pantene PRO V, I’ve never worked with them before so maybe you’re thinking of a different blogger. xx

  28. I find it so interesting to read all your A’s to the Q’s I was wondering about in general too.
    Been trying for 5 months so far (please cross your fingers for round 6!) and I’m super jealous (in a healthy way tho!) you got pregnant so fast!
    It’s insane how every pregnancy seems to be different for all women. Super scared though about hair falling out as even need to take vitamins for this already for the past few years so I’m expecting the worst on this matter.
    Looking forward to seeing and hear about your pregnancy workout!

  29. Loving this Q&A – I’m in my first trimester of my first pregnancy and it (along with all of your posts) have been SO helpful !

    Random question about sushi – I saw you order shrimp tempura rolls and I am constantly craving sushi but paranoid about eating it. When you order, do you specify anything specific to the restaurant to avoid any cross contamination with any raw fish? Or do you go and watch them make it? Thanks!!

    1. its actually totally safe to eat sushi, but you have to eat it at a place you trust. opt for spicy salmon instead of spicy tuna and don’t do it too often. I was scared too and shared my fear with my team of OB’s and was told everything in moderation. you can also eat tuna fish as well, don’t eliminate things that you want and trade them in for junk food that does no justice for your growing baby.

  30. Question for you about childcare! You have a nanny, but what will you do in regards to her with 2 children on hand?Will you increase her hours? We just hired our nanny- how many hours a week is she there? Also, will you have a night nurse and if so will you do all nights?

  31. Congrats on number 2! I am also expecting and looking for a good pair of maternity jeans. I ordered the Paige verdugo and they stretched in the first 30 minutes. Do you find the rag & bone ones to stretch at all?

  32. Hi Arielle,
    i am a huhe fan of your family especially Ruby and Dylan. I came to hopefully find the two mean ladies who left horrible comments about Ruby and give them a piece of my mind. However, I am stuck on this post because I read something concerning; your diet! I am a mother myself, and a health professional so I am not trying to lecture you for the sake of lecturing.
    You are trying to eat as you wish because you won’t be able to do it post pregnancy. This is a horrible mind set to have. The baby is getting her nutrition from you. What you eat, she also gets. All these restaurant foods, I’m sure most aren’t organic, are supplying many horrible (GMO, pesticides, hormones) things to you and your unborn baby. You don’t just eat for you. You eat with your unborn child in mind. Autism, childhood cancer, etc do not just pop out of thin air. Where do you think they come from? YOU!!!
    I like you, and there is no doubt about that. Your selfishness and only thinking about yourself is a put off. You may not have any education in the health department, but here it is! Eat healthy for your unborn child’s sake. Eating out is the unhealthiest health practice. The money you spend on eating restaurant food could be spent in food that can be cooked at home. Martha Stewart, makes her living from cooking!!! She made her money from cooking! It is a poor man’s attitude to want to pay restaurants to feed him poison. Lack of awareness does that. Give your family healthy and nutritive food. Don’t feed them poison. Best of luck!

  33. I’m a fan, I’m a follower. But in your post you mentioned you don’t want Ruby to remember you as a tired mom in bed while pregnant. Don’t you also want her to remember you as a mom without a phone in her face?

  34. You are stunning and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to know of you. Your sweet little family is so darling! My husband and I are starting to plan for a pregnancy and I have been trying to do research on the best prenatal vitamins, but am getting so confused! What vitamins are you taking and how did you chose that specific brand? Thank you in advance for your response!


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