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Pre-Holiday Vent Session

While we’re super excited to wear matching pajamas every single day for the next few weeks on end, there are a few things that have us… *less enthused* about the holidays.

Think of this as your pre-holiday vent session. Get your worries out now with us, together as a team. It’s much healthier than keeping it bottled up, they say. Plus, once we get all our concerns out of the way, we can focus on the FUN we’re about to have. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Here are our top concerns this holiday season:

1.The Overspending

The holidays are expensive. Like, so expensive. And we’re not happy about it. But we promise to go on a spending diet in January to make up for the questionable decisions and surge pricing that’s happening right now. Pinky promise!

2. The Stomach Aches

Eating too much of everything calls for elastic pants instead of whatever else you were planning on wearing. Trust us. These Something Navy Satin Pajama Pants will help ease the pain of over-indulging in your favorite holiday foods.

3. The Red Wine Spills

Another casualty of the most wonderful time of the year is when you accidentally spill red wine, because you always spill red wine, because you try so hard not to spill red wine, next thing you know, your anxiety takes over and it just happens. Bonus points if your spill lands on white carpet; bonus bonus points if your spill ends up on a person! Apologies in advance!

4. The Bake ‘N Fake

Switching out store-bought packaging for one of your never-been-used-before-this-moment cake plates (“thanks, wedding registry!” says Tara) is the epitome of adulting. Until you get busted. We suggest owning your switcheroo up front or you can always stick your finger in the icing to make it look a little less perfect (and therefore, more believable) before you arrive.

5. The Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is made worse when compounded with everyone else in the world going home for the holidays, too. Luckily, we have Arielle’s flying tips to help you out. 

6. The Last-Minute Shopping

Last-minute shopping is also the worst. But not to worry because we’ve got you covered with our holiday gift guides!

7. The Way We Awkwardly Know Everything From Social Media But Have To Pretend We Don’t

We’re in such a weird time where we know literally everything about everyone because of social media, but we still have to pretend our second cousin’s plan to quit her job and travel the word is brand new information. Hopefully by next year, the social norms surrounding what you heard about through the comments section will be cleared up and peace will be restored.

Feeling better? Us too. This season is all about camaraderie, people! Now onto the memory making, binge eating and family time. Safe travels!

Illustration by: Carly Martin


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