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As a new mom + a working mom in New York City, it’s nearly impossible to make new mom friends. Sure, I have friends who had babies around the same time but once I had Ruby, I wanted to start fresh and meet all new people just like Ruby would be doing. I occasionally would attend class with her when I wasn’t working but in just those few visits it was hard to really connect with other women.

I also always find myself struggling to talk about the things I’m going through or the things Ruby’s going through with just my husband. Yes, he’s my best friend and I share everything with him and he’s always supportive but it’s hard for him to really understand and there is a different understanding when you’re talking about it with other mothers. My mom on the other hand doesn’t really understand the updated way of doing things and they (moms) sometimes can just be so annoying (sorry mom, I love you).

I was SO excited when I discovered this new APP, Peanut through a mother I met via Instagram. She told me all about the APP and what it offered new mothers/ mothers-to-be.  It’s so simple to use and gives you the chance to meet women that are going through the same experiences as you, have common interests/location. To get started, you just connect through Facebook, describe yourself, enter your location and the algorithm of the app does the rest! Once in the Peanut App- all you have to do is swipe up to “wave” to a mom you would like to connect with. You can chat, create polls in group chats to find timing that works for all moms in the group, and the event is automatically added to your calendar. Voile! See you guys there – make sure you swipe up on me – I’ll know!

Thanks to Peanut for sponsoring this post!

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  1. You are so full of shit. You ditched your old friends to start fresh? You don’t have friends. You keep your daughter locked up. Brandon is the most unsupportive partner and dad. You defend your actions and you lie about things to the media and to your sick-o followers so you can get sympathy and free stuff. Please stick to fashion and shut your mouth about parenting. I can’t believe you even told a fan to get an abortion. You’re rotten.

    1. I never comment on blogs, but I read this and could not believe that a person could say such hurtful and evil comments. Listen up Karen you came here and read this blog with your own free time. You don’t have to subscribe to what Arielle is writing about, you are the evil troll and bully. Grow up and get a life because clearly you have nothing better to do. It takes a huge amount of guts to put your life, family and new born child out in the world and I applaud Arielle for being so honest and candid. Bravo and keep it up, you are inspiring to all!

        1. Dear Karen,

          I’m not sure if you realize this so let me let you in on a little secret – did you know there’s a super cool button on social media platforms that lets you unfollow a person? Isn’t that crazy? An actual button that you just click and POOF everything you don’t like goes away! Blew my mind when I figured it out.


          The same way that showcasing her outfits and telling us the stories/inspo behind them helps women is the same way HER experiences in parenting help other moms. I’m sorry that whatever schooling you had didn’t teach you to listen or read correctly because if it had you would know that she never tells anyone what to do – she LITERALLY says “I’m just sharing my own experience” or to “do whatever is right for you.” I know that because, like you, I watch her Instagram Live videos & read her posts, but, unlike you, I actually listen.

          Have you ever heard the saying “it takes a village”? You know that’s used when referring to raising children, right? All moms, no matter their situation or how many kids, need help. It. Is. Hard. The fact that you would try to shame her for having help and implying she doesn’t raise her child only further proves you’re a sad half-ass follower.

          All you did with your nasty comments is show how sad and “rotten” you actually are. Seeing as how you took the time to type in her website, read her post, and then take even more time out of your day to write your comments. I, myself, freely admit that yes, I did have some time on my hands and yes, I did choose to use it to write to you. You needed to hear it. I’m so sorry for whatever happened that made you this way. Get better soon!

          1. Well said!!!!! Hurt people hurt people. Shame on Karen! You only hurt yourself by spreading hate. You fill your body with poison!

      1. Let’s be real here. It doesn’t take “guts” or courage to post stuff with your family in it when you are sponsored by a company and get paid to do it. the only reason she does post so much of her family is because it earns her more followers and it is her job. As in , she makes more money this way and can then afford the nanny, maid, personal trainer, etc….. This blog is her job, not a courageous stand for women. Lucky for her she can afford what she does to be able to keep up with her business. If she didn’t have the help (paid or otherwise) then she could not do it. Trust me. I have three kids, I had no help besides my husband who worked a ton so that I could stay home and raise our children. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart!! And yes, there is more than one way to raise a family.

    2. Karen, WHY do you follow Arielle if you think such negative and untruthful things about her? You completely misunderstood Arielle’s comments about abortion. She NEVER told a fan to get one – she said being pregnant and having a baby is an absolute GIFT. You are purposefully misinterpreting what she is saying and putting a negative spin on it because YOU are evil and jealous, and clearly have nothing else going on. Take the time away from reading Arielle’s blog and work on some self help. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. Arielle has built a wonderful community of like-minded girls that love fashion and want to share in her life experiences. You can’t work as hard as her and not have some help, whether that’s a nanny/housekeeper, whatever. It’s not brain science to understand that when you’re a working mom in NYC, it would be hard to make new friends. I’m so happy Arielle is a working mother and has continued to inspire so many fans in everything she does. Well done, Arielle! I think you’re fabulous. Success always comes with some spoiled apples in the barrel. Consider it a compliment (in a weird way). These photos are beautiful of you and sweet Ruby. xx

    3. What a waste of time for this individual to feel so compelled to write such nasty things about someone they don’t even know. As a new mother, I understand the need to connect with other women who are moms or new moms for that matter. I have many best friends back home but moving to another state without friends and family, I think this is a wonderful app to be informed about especially for me. Why is it assumed she is replacing her old friends? Was it based on your Instagram scrolls and her blog? As long as you’re looking through a window to see her life, you know nothing of what goes on in her life. I think it is tough to showcase your family, your methods, your beliefs and ideals without getting some backlash. And I”m sorry, I am blessed to have a job from home but what a dream to be able to create a blog, share your visions and connect with people all over the world? And all while getting paid for it! I say carry on! You will never keep rising without someone trying to bring you down!

      1. She said above, “Sure, I have friends who had babies around the same time but once I had Ruby, I wanted to start fresh and meet all new people just like Ruby would be doing.”

        Plus, she has no friends. She doesn’t even go to dinner with her sisters anymore. She’s depressed and needs help. She doesn’t work. She stays home all day. She doesn’t need a nanny, she needs a therapist and needs to actually spend time with her daughter.

          1. Karen,
            If you don’t have something nice to say you probably shouldn’t be saying it. Don’t be a bully.

        1. Wow you are just plain mean. Maybe you do it for the attention? I just can’t understand it.

          Arielle, keep being you! Everyone loves your family! 💞

        2. Karen, find a new hobby. Hiding behind your computer and proactively bashing people, who have done nothing to you, is shameful. If you think your bullying is serving a greater good, you’re wrong. Move on. Plain and simple.

        3. Ew, your comments are SO hateful!
          I almost didn’t want to reply to you because it’s (very) likely you just want/need the attention – but I felt compelled. I truly don’t understand how you can spew such rude remarks.
          Just hit the “unfollow” button if you are so offended by what Arielle posts and writes about. No room for hate.
          I hope you get the help you need. Karma is definitely a thing.

          1. Karma? Yes, karma will get Arielle. She’s a lying bitch. Me? I just point out that she’s a lying bitch.

        4. Karen,

          How can you call someone you don’t even know depressed? She does have a life, she does go out to dinner, but guess what – she’s a mother and also she works. She enjoys spending the rest time with her husband at home or playing with Ruby. There is NOTHING wrong with that. Additionally, she has a nanny because she works full time. She works with partners and on her blog. She is blessed to be able to work from home most of the time, but still have the help there. It bafffles me that you find that so appalling. Plenty of families have nannies, babysitters, or other relatives help raise their children if both parents work. Shame on you for trying to spread such hatred and negativity. If you don’t like what she says, unfollow. If you have children or are planning on it you are spreading an awful example. I hope you find some sort of positivity in your life so you can stop trying to spread negativity.

          1. She doesn’t have a job. Her husband doesn’t have a job. The three of them sit at home all day. Poor child.

        5. Karen how do you know she has no friends? Doesn’t go to dinner with her sisters anymore? From what I see and I’m sure her followers will agree she is always supporting her sisters..and also very very busy working. Do u know what that is? Bc to me sounds like ur a stalker if u know her every move and who she talks/dines out with..she has over a million followers worldwide and clearly a sense of fashion that major designers find appealing hence they keep endorsing her bc again that is her I don’t think she needs a therapist. You however might need a lot of help bc internet trolling seems to be ur job..u are a professional at that. NASTY.

        6. So, let me guess, Karen, you know Arielle personally? You know for a fact that she “has no friends”, “doesn’t go to dinner with her sisters” and is “depressed?” You sound delusional. So what if Arielle has a nanny? So what if she has a maid or a housekeeper? She has built this blog and her brand from the ground up since 2010. I know because I’ve been reading this blog since she started it. It’s taken her a lot of work and several years to have the following and brand that she does now, and it is a full-time job. She has to keep her social media and the blog updated and juggle that with brand partnerships. As someone who works in social media and digital content full-time, I can tell you that it’s a lot of work for one person to do all that Arielle and her small team of people do. She is blessed to be able to juggle that with being a Mom. Maybe instead of posting ignorant, hateful things you know nothing about, you should be supportive of other women who are trying to do something positive that they are passionate about. You are what’s wrong with women today. You’re jealous of what Arielle has so feel the need to take her down. Get a life.

    4. “Karen”-

      I saw Arielle’s instastory and I sought out your post to respond to you. Congratulations! You did it! You got everyone’s attention! For negative reasons of course. Clearly, “Karen,” you have some deeply rooted issues that make you sad, frustrated and mad, aggressive and threatened. This is so disheartening. Especially as a mother, myself. It’s very concerning your first comment to Arielle is about “ditching her friends” which makes me wonder 1)do you know for a fact she did this? Do you know her personal life? Why do you care? Does it affect your life?Which brings me to 2) If you do know her personal life and are writing under an alias, that’s even worse. You have a choice not to follow her. Always keep that in mind, “Karen.” Your comments about keeping Ruby locked up are actually just ludicrous and make absolutely zero sense. Like actually none. Annoyingly none. I think Ruby is outside every single day probably more than once. Maybe more than you? Maybe you don’t really follow Arielle because if you did you would know she takes her for coffee, errands and to play every single day. Who are you to make that comment? You feel the need to attack her, your own personal insecurities are shining bright. People are entitled to their opinion, it’s the manner in which you wrote your post which I find disgusting and disrespectful. Commenting about her “keeping her mouth shut” about parenting, makes me wonder if you have kids, and if there’s some tension there for you about that. If that is the case, I’m sorry you’re going through that. If you do have kids, I hope they are in a safe, nurturing environment for their sake. I hope you find some positivity in your life. Taking to blog posts to criticize and harass people is pretty lame. You’ve just made yoursef irrelevant. In regards to her comment about “abortion,” I heard exactly what she said on the instastory, she said the girl needed to do what was right for herself and her boyfriend and if that’s what she wanted to do, she should do what was in her heart to do. Arielle passed no judgement. I hope you find peace. We all feel sorry for you.

      1. Karen,

        It truly makes me sad to see that in order for you to feel better about yourself, you have to attack other women. I think it’s great you are a mom of 3 but why does it matter to you how Arielle raises Ruby. I think as followers sometimes you forget that you only get a glimpse into peoples lives through their blog but it doesn’t mean you know everything about them.

        All the best to you. I can’t imagine raising 3 kids and surrounding them with so much negative energy. I hope you find the positives in life around you.

        1. I love myself just fine. I work hard. I’m proud of my accomplishments. I just hate people who lie and use their children to get free things. Bloggers work hard. This bitch lies to get free stuff and uses her child and wants more?! If she had to raise her daughter instead of the nanny doing it, she wouldn’t want more kids. She forced Brandon to move in, marry her and have a child. Loser.

    5. Karen,

      I NEVER comment on anything online I just don’t have the time for it but when it comes to bullying someone that you don’t even KNOW I had to chime in. I think you have been seriously misguided throughout your life (there is therapy and Church to help you find a less hateful path in life). I don’t think that people realize much about the other side of having a career in internet marketing, blogging, vlogging etc. You are putting your content out into the world and it is seen by MILLIONS of people, most people are nice BUT there are Trolls that hide behind their computer screens passing judgement on people who really are posting for everyones enjoyment, inspiration and entertainment. Some peoples online presence just takes off because what they are posting has a high VRIN score and they are able to monetize what they have built, THROUGH HARD WORK… It is NOT easy, otherwise EVERYONE would be doing it and many try to do it because it is awesome to work from home and post pictures and videos of a life you are proud of, that YOU created!! So if you are one of the people that can make money online, get sponsored and get some free swag then HELL YES do it! I myself am in internet marketing and what she has built is SO IMPRESSIVE and that is from someone who knows this business. But let me get back to the point… it’s the trolls like you, Karen… that make people who choose an online career want to shut everything down and walk away from what they have built because at the end of the day all that really matters is a persons happiness and protecting themselves and their loved ones from the evil snares of the world. What I see based on your comment is an unhappy middle aged woman who has a lot to learn about life because being that mean is no way to live. If I were you Karen I would stop being jealous of Arielle’s happiness and success, get off your computer and go and find some of your own so that you can stop being such a hater. Best of luck, maybe you’ll get the next half of your life right and start being a nice human who empowers people instead of trying to tear them down because I’m sure this isn’t your first (or last) bitchy post. Take care.

      And Arielle keep up the good work I hope you make MILLIONS off of your blog because it’s one of the best ones out there for women!

      1. Two hands straight up!! Karen you are a mean troll, hopefully your children don’t turn out the same way you do! Keep doing you Arielle!! Everyone (besides Karen) LOVE YOU!

    6. Karen, You are an awful person! I can totally see your children being the bullies in their schools and you absolutely loving it! Take your negativity elsewhere!

  2. Hello Arielle
    I am 54 today so i could be your mum 🙂 Still i love following you and your beautiful family , i am impressed by your positivity and the love you give to ruby, and for the jalous people let them be what they are , you cannot change the World but CAN ignore , always , you are youg beautiful and a loving mum and wife , you have your own style , most or all you love animals :))) tu es rayonnante , reste toi 🌺❤️


  4. So sad that you are not only reading this blog, but actually circling back again to see what kind of response you have gotten? Do you feel satisfied after writing hateful things like this?? I would venture to say that, for whatever reason, you are triggered by something Arielle represents to you, and you therefore think she has to endure your vitriol. There are much bigger fish to fry, real horrible things happening around this world, put all that time and energy into something more positive.

    No one has a right to tell someone what kind of mother to be, no two should be exactly alike because no two children are. Any mother who is raising a child with love and trying her best deserves to be applauded, it’s the hardest job in the world. We need to support each other, not tear each other down, who does that serve??

  5. Dear “rotten” girl,

    You are the one so full of shit. You are the one who does not have friends and is locked up without a supportive partner. Girl, sometimes life is hard, so please try to get out of the hole you’re in, we have all been there sometime!
    Arielle is just a normal working mom who is doing the best she can to raise her beautiful Ruby. I’ve been raised by hard working parents and i had a nanny that helped them, and thanks to the effort of working restless is that we could afford a nanny and all the opportunities that they have brought to me, so don’t blame Arielle for trying to do that. To add, you can only see small pieces of her life, so don’t make conclusions.
    Having a baby is a huge impact and change brings more change, so it’s normal that she has the need to “start fresh” and meet new people that bring her different things, views, knowledge and experiences now that her life is different and has momy dutties, which are HARD (appart from the friends she had before !).
    Please, let’s try to empower one another. She’s sharing her experience and view, and we all can learn something from each other. So please, don’t spread hate, don’t be mean and be a good example as human/women/mother and if you are not liking something handle it with grace and leave without making a mess.
    Thanks for your comment, it’s a beautiful day so go out and breath in the fresh air, sure it will clear up your mind.

  6. Hi Arielle,

    I love your style and you content. Seeing Ruby on my insta stories always brightens my day, don’t let mean people discourage you from continuing to share your life and your passion.

  7. Boo fucking hoo, people.

    Arielle continues to make it known that people throw shade at her (Bullies, Delta airlines changing her seat, etc.) and if she was a real Mom or woman in general she would just ignore it and let it by pass her by, deal with it in a way that doesn’t start a fire for 20 year olds to complain about.

    This kind of cruel and ignorant path for people to comment and hurt someones feelings happens everyday, in much worse ways so why don’t we all move on and continue living our lives because this crying over a post is unreal that people even care.

    A bloggers life is fake and never truthful, as this is all sugarcoated, free shit that someone happens to receive because she has mediocre sense of style.

    1. Lucy,

      I’d love a glimpse into your life LOL I’m sure 1 Million+ people would be dying to follow you and see your sense of style and give you free stuff to be a part of their Million dollar companies and rep their brands. Bullying is not something to take lightly, people kill themselves over bullying and honestly you’re just seeing a few shitty comments about her (your post included) I’m sure she gets them everyday from miserable jealous people.

      It’s hard to ignore when people are saying such mean things to you about your life and family… I don’t think you’re one to talk about being a “real woman” or “real mom” after your comment. Not a great example to set for your kids if you even have them.

      Move along Troll. Don’t be a jealous snot just cause you can’t afford her lifestyle.

    2. Delta didn’t change her seat. She didn’t want to pay for her nanny to sit in first class so the stewardess asked if she’d like to move to coach with her nanny until Ruby calmed down. Arielle spun it to her advantage. She’s a liar and Delta shut her up.

    3. OR you could look at it like she’s trying to speak up about a very real issue, which is online bullying? There are REAL people behind social media accounts and blogs. Arielle is a real person. Yes, I agree that by choosing to share her family on her social media accounts that she opens herself up to criticism. But, there’s a difference between criticizing someone and writing hateful things about someone’s baby and marriage that you know nothing about. There is something wrong with the world we live in where people think it’s okay to do something like that because they’re hiding behind a screen and don’t have to expose themselves as the one to say such awful things.

  8. Wow…it makes me really sad & just breaks my heart to see women tearing down other women whether it’s in person or online because of their lifestyle. With all the horrible things that are currently happening in our time/world, we all be a little more kind.
    Sending you so much positive energy Arielle and you are good and enough, no matter what oblivious people may say. I heard a great saying from another beautiful blogger gal, Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing…”Hurt people Hurt people” and it’s rings simple and true. The people who write these mean and hateful words, I am sending you all the positive energy I can because hate is too great of a burden to bear.

    Wishing you all the most wonderful day, every day!!!

  9. Dear Arielle,

    Next to Coco Chanel, the woman who revolutionized the perception of a woman’s place in society and created fashion in a male-dominated world, you are my favorite woman in fashion! It saddens me to read such malevolent comments about you, your profession, and family. Unlike those women, I am able to understand that you do what you do because you are talented, dedicated, and passionate about entrepreneurship and fashion. Just know that you are an inspiration to teenage girls like me who want to build the careers of their dreams and one day become mothers. Us women need to stick together and support one another. You go girl!


    P.S. You are courageous. Very few can do what you do and handle these situations so gracefully!

  10. I’m not a mom yet but this app seriously sounds so incredible! We are newer to our city so are still making friends, and further, I’ve always wanted to have friends with kids my future kids’ ages, so this would be such an easy way to facilitate that! When the time comes, I will definitely be looking into this, thanks for sharing and keep up the great work raising such a happy little babe!

  11. To everyone criticizing Arielle–it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there on social media. Have you seen how many of her Insta stories are of Ruby, of the two of them in pajamas or sweatpants playing and having fun? Of COURSE you aren’t going to see everything she does with her family…because I’m sure she puts her phone away for much of that time. And if you want to make money, you need to work HARD. So saying her husband isn’t supportive, when he’s really likely just working long hours, going to networking events (when I travel for work I have to do that and yeah, a glass of wine makes it better but it’s still a PITA), etc. Get off of her back and stop following her if you have so much hate in your heart. That meanness comes from something in YOUR life. Figure out what it is and fix it. Don’t project it onto other people. And women should support other women who are getting it done and influencing things. This pettiness and hate and jealous is so unbecoming.

    1. Brandon doesn’t work. Arielle and Ruby sit in pajamas all day because Arielle doesn’t have a job. Poor ugly Ruby.

  12. What “Karen” just wrote is called envy. Sadly, she can’t tolerate that someone (that’s not her) shares her life, gets tons of followers for that and enjoys the good things in life. What’s so wrong about having an opinion different from hers? Be respectful, Karen. Just unfollow her and don’t say those rude comments about her and her family.

  13. The people commenting; obviously you haven’t been following long. Arielle acknowledged she’s privileged and different from most and boasted about not having to work because that’s how she was raised so it made sense for her to hire a nanny. What is her job? A blogger? A blogger is someone who quit their full-time job to blog full-time. Arielle doesn’t even call herself a blogger though. She categorizes herself as a public figure. No one can deny she whines and complains and bullies to get free stuff. She even uses her daughter to do those things and now she’s doing it again to get sympathy. I wonder what companies will step up with freebies to dry her crocodile tears this time? Her husband now doesn’t even work. At least Arielle gets dressed to photo her outfits for her blog and instagram. But please stop worshipping this bimbo!

    1. Karen,

      You really have some nerve to continue to write on here and actually try to “defend” your comments. Not only is what your saying completely made up in your own sick and twisted mind, but it is actually offensive not only to Arielle and her entire family but also to those that look up to Arielle as a role model and inspiration. You need to take a step back and re-evaluate yourself here. It looks to me like you are a legit stalker. I would be careful if I were you, comments like yours aren’t taken lightly.

      As for you sweet Arielle, you are beautiful, kind, a terrific mother and role model to us women that follow you. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let someone like Karen get you down. I only could hope that one day when I do get married and have children I am as good of a wife and mother that you are. Xoxo

    2. Karen,

      Her being privileged does not make her a bad person. She is honest enough to admit it. Trust me, I get jealous of ppl who grew up better than me and it is a HUGE advantage of being a blogger but you cant hate on someone because of it. Ive found that some of these “privilaged bloggers” are amazing people with big hearts! Some of them are my very dear friends! Its not a crime. Whatever her title may be, blogger or public figure, she works her ass off. News flash: even full time moms need to hire help and shes got a full time JOB whether you choose to acknowledge that or not. If she needs help with her baby, its not up to you to judge. Its also not up to you to decide if her relationship with her husband is good/bad, mostly bc its none of your business. But also because all couples have their good moments and bad, but its not your relationship so fuck off.

      1. Privileged; yes, lucky her. I’m okay with that. I’m not okay with her lying and whining to her free things and using a child to get free stuff, too. Sit at home on your ass. Call yourself a blogger but don’t act like you’re truthful and love your daughter.

  14. WOW Karen, you are truly crazy and disturbed.Commenting on and falsely judging someone’s relationship with their husband and child. Degrading someone’s obvious talent and work ethic. Whatever delusional world you live in, I’m grateful I don’t.

  15. I adore Arielle! I say all the time she’s my girl crush 🙂 and I’m a 42 year old married mom of 4. I kinda love my life trough her .
    I think it’s a blast to be able to see just a glimps of her life . That’s what we are getting by way.. we don’t see her day to day struggles. She gets “free stuff” not because she’s whining but because she has a shit ton of followers. Duh. One of my favorite things is watching her open her free stuff. How cool would that be? I’ve purchased some of the items she has received so it’s obviously working for the companies who are sending it to her. It’s called advertising.
    Jealous girls are the worst. The worst. Absolutely embarrassing.
    My favorite Instagram account is something Navy . Glad I found her, I’ve Matilda all my friends to follow her .. and I hopes she keeps doing the exact same thing.
    Haters gonna hate. Especially when the live their life envious of others.
    Real queens fix each other’s crowns.. don’t forget that ladies .

  16. Negative comments and everything aside (which, by the way, is totally unnecessary, and I can’t applaud you enough Arielle for putting up with such viscous people), I’m loving Ruby’s beanie so much! She looks absolutely adorable! And Arielle, don’t let such negativity get to you! Just keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing great – with the blog, with your family, and most importantly, with Ruby!

    XO, Elizabeth

  17. You can always tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building each other up and not tearing each other down.

    We, as women, already have enough things in our world trying to tear us down. Attacking each other does nothing for us or our world. Let’s remember why we are here in this world. And what a gift women are! Negative comments can be voiced gracefully, but no hears and respects name calling and hatred. Let’s all ne kind and compassionate to one another. The next generation of women is watching us. Let’s give them something to look up to!

  18. I guess I am little confused here. To all those who have something negative to say if you don’t like the choices that have been made by Arielle why exactly are you spending your time on her website, reading her blog and following her life. Try getting one of your own. I never have commented on this blog before but this is beyond words to me.

    Arielle you are an amazing mother! Do not let the people on here who hide behind their computer screens and clearly have nothing better to do with their time than bully others discourage you!

  19. I’m guessing most of your followers are under 30, hell, even younger than 18. Can’t see your lies and hang on your every post. Losers. I’m done. Hopefully some people have seen the light and aren’t sheep. Arielle. Stop lying. Be transparent. Show fashion. Then you’ll have followers that you won’t have to buy.

  20. Karen,

    Do you have inside knowledge of Arielle’s life that has allowed you to draw the conclusions you posted? Or, have you drawn your conclusions from Arielle’s blog, instastories etc and your own prejudices? It is true that Arielle has opened her life to criticism; however, you have shown yourself to be a plainly mean and cruel person. Your posts have said more about you and your character.


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