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Packing Hacks With: Lisa Jacobs

You know how much we love Lisa Jacobs of @Imagine.It.Done for helping with all our organizational needs.

She is a pro at streamlining our closets, kitchens and offices and it’s safe to say that without her we would be… well, very unorganized! She breaks down her best packing tips to help us gear up for our next trip! Read on here for Lisa’s expert advice:

If you want to master the art of packing and take the stress out of getting ready for your next vacation or business trip, Imagine It Done has the tips to simplify the process. Packing is like any project that requires order and focus. You must plan ahead. Make the effort and set aside several hours in your day coordinating outfits and making a packing list. When you reach your destination, you will be comforted to know what to wear and when.


Use a durable suitcase like Away for carry on and checked baggage. Do research before investing in just any piece of luggage. Yes, it’s an investment! Focus on details and look for things like a polycarbonate shell for super protection, 360* spinner wheels and an interior compression shell.


Packing systems like Flight001 will help keep your things organized, prevent wrinkling, save time getting dressed, and make the pack up so much easier.Invest in soft mesh packing cubes for clothing, underwear, socks, pajamas, bathing suits and shoes. Use clear plastic cubes like the ones from Ezpacking for toiletries, medicines and gadgets. Place them in drawers upon unpacking so your items stay neat and accessible during your stay. Makes for an efficient pack up, too!


Roll it, do not fold it. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it! That’s the key to maximizing space in all baggage. Use the tried-and-true method, the army technique, best known as the Ranger Roll. Fold your t-shirts, socks, pants and pajamas inside out at the bottom, folded in at the sides and then rolled up tight. Keep an empty space around the side of the suitcase for your shoes. This trick will help to eliminate the shoe stress. Bag them with shoe covers from Fabrinique, which will protect them from getting dusty and crunched. The key to packing right is packing light.


Keep the outfits simple, no need to be a fashionista every day. Choose a monochromatic palette – black, white and khaki, colors that are all compatible. Be versatile with interchangeable items.




Tackle the toiletries. Leave those at home you don’t really need. Indulge yourself with the hotel selects. If you can’t leave home without them, carefully transfer into small travel size bottles and tighten shut. Place in labelled zippered cases from Stoney Clover.


Bag up your jewelry. Use soft pouches from Cuyana for necklaces, rings and bracelets. This will keep your treasures protected. Place your special jewels in your carryon and make sure to store them in a hotel safe for better security.

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