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Our Nutrition Solution: Daily Harvest

Thank you to our partners at Daily Harvest for making this post possible

Working at Something Navy tends to be a 24/7 job. Early mornings running across town to press previews, days filled with back to back meetings, and evenings packed with launch parties and events. It’s no surprise that sometimes nutrition falls to the bottom of our list of priorities.

When we skip meals or grab something unhealthy early in the day, we’re far more likely to say “yes” to those surprise deliveries of cookies and treats that tend to show up at our office on the reg. That’s why we’ve come to love Daily Harvest.

Nikki and Tara began trying it first, and today its a common fixture around our office (we even had their Puréed soups today for lunch!). They deliver beautiful, nutritious food, that you can make in in 5 minutes or less. Everything is perfectly portioned inside the cup, so all you have to do is add liquid to your favorite smoothie and blend, or heat up a harvest bowl or soup on the stove top or microwave. The food is built on organic ingredients that are farm frozen at their peak nutrition to preserve the nutrients and lock in all of the vitamins and goodness we need to keep us fueled.

Daily Harvest plans are also fully customizable, so you can get deliveries on a weekly or monthly basis, and can skip or pause a delivery whenever you need to.

We were also shocked to see how many different options are available to order. Their team of in-house chefs and nutritionists have created over 60 recipes, everything from smoothies, to oat bowls, to soups, to lattes. We wanted to share a few of our favorites here, so when you sign up for a plan you’ll know which items are SN approved!

We love Daily Harvest and think you will too, so we have a special offer for our SN fam! Get $25 off your first box with code SOMETHINGNAVY (valid for new customers only) at the link here.


Why I love DH: It’s quick, tasty and healthy!
Favorite DH Item: Banana + Greens Smoothie


Why I love DH: Nothing better than a smoothie without the mess of prepping so many fruits and vegetables. I also love that everything is organic. 
Favorite DH item: Cacao + Avocado Smoothie 


Why I love DH: Often times I’m not in the mood for a big, full meal and when that happens, I crave a smoothie. Daily Harvest is a great alternative for me because I can stock up on plenty of options. Plus, it’s completely effortless – all I need is milk!
Favorite DH Item: Strawberry + Peach Smoothie


Why I love DH: I’m always running around so for me an on-the-go option is exactly what I need – especially a healthy one! I never have time to make breakfast at home, so I love bringing one of the Daily Harvest oat bowls to the office.
Favorite DH Item: Apple + Cinnamon Oat Bowl


Why I love DH: It is easy and tastes delicious. It is rare to find something that is actually healthy but also efficient to prepare! 
Favorite DH Item: Mango + Greens Smoothie

Photos via: Daily Harvest

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