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NYC GUIDE: The Best Iced Coffee

Everyone always asks us where we get our coffee in the morning and each person at the Something Navy office has a different answer!

We all take our caffeine rituals seriously, so it’s no surprise that everyone’s response is unique. Clearly, we all have a very different view on where to find the BEST coffee in NYC… but maybe you can try them all out and be the judge! See what everyone has to say about where and why we get our morning fix.

Arielle: La Pecora Bianca

What: Iced cappuccino with oat milk or almond milk

Why it’s the best: It’s just the right amount of coffee to milk ratio. Strong, but not too strong!
Photo via: Yelp

Dana: Dean & Deluca

What: Iced coffee with almond milk

Why it’s the best: The staff at the soho location is THE NICEST. They remember my order and my name every single morning. 

Photo via: Dean & Deluca Facebook

Tara: La Colombe

What: Iced coffee (or cold brew) with a light splash of almond milk

Why it’s the best: THE TASTE. I like my coffee strong, but not too bitter. I also love the brand of almond milk they serve.

Photo via: Yelp

Sydney: Plantshed

What: Iced latte with coconut milk
Why it’s the best: Not only do they have pretty much every option you could ever want, but they use the perfect coffee/milk ratio and I love the aesthetic of the shop. You can also purchase plants and succulents here. It is the prettiest place!
Photo via: Gramha

Nikki: Gotan or Blue Bottle Coffee depending on where I am

What: Iced coffee with almond or oat milk

Why it’s the best: I tend to want a latte in the morning and hate when the milk overpowers the espresso. Gotan and Blue Bottle create the perfect mix. 
Photo via: Grub Street




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