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NYC Guide: Best Spots For Group Dinners

New Yorkers are always looking for the best restaurants for group dinners because deciding where to go with everyone always turns into a “thing.”

In order to please each person in your party, we took all the critical factors into account like space, vibe, food and drink to come up with our list of must-eat spots. Trust us, with these restaurants, everyone in the group will be happy!


Hillstone is a permanent crowd pleaser. They have something on the menu for everyone and the downtown location is super central. And let’s be realistic, any place you can get sushi AND a burger works for us!

Photo via: Instagram


All about the ambiance! When you can't get everyone to the South of France location for the night, Mamo in Soho is the next best thing! As for the food, the truffle pizza and veal milanese are a MUST along with the cute cucumber cocktail!

Photo via: Instagram

King’s County Imperial

We can’t say enough good things about King’s County Imperial! When the group is all for Chinese food, you’re going here, end of story. Order everything, share it, and figure out when you’re coming back. It’s that good! 


Shuka is always a hit with a big party. You can make reservations (huge bonus) and the food is great. Everything has a bit of Mediteranean flare to it. It’s also great for brunch and dinner, making it a go-to for us, no matter what the occasion. 

Photo via: Instagram

Tijuana Picnic

Going for Mexican with the group is always ideal and Tijuana Picnic serves it up right. The vibe screams “party,” so you can get a little rowdy without feeling guilty about disturbing the table next door. It’s not super, super pricey but it still is in New York, so we wouldn’t call it inexpensive. And you can’t beat the location, it’s right in the heart of the Lower East Side. 

Photo via: Instagram


Patrizia’s is home to a great Italian dinner. And the best part? You can bring all your friends to enjoy it with you. It has a rustic vibe and everyone is accommodating, making it a great spot to eat family style. Also, know in advance that people get really into the music, get up from their seats, wave their napkins and dance around the room!

Photo via: Instagram

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