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My Vacation Gone Wrong

When we left off on the last update on my health, I was amazed and so comforted by the outpouring of responses from all of the people who were dealing with similar issues.

Hearing that so many could relate to what I was dealing with ensured me that this was not an isolated situation and that there are answers out there.

A small recap for those of you who are tuning in the first time: I had been dealing with a few health issues for a while and just could not figure out the answer. To sum it up, I was dealing with stomach pain, bloating, unexpected bleeding and some acne to top it all off. I found out that the root of all of the issues was a large polyp followed by a bad reaction to my IUD.

Last we recapped was in January and since then, much has changed. I went on a trip to the Bahamas with Corey for our 1 year anniversary and became a bit too familiar with their beautiful hospital (yes, that is sarcasm). A day into the trip and I was in excruciating pain – it hurt to walk, it hurt to lay down, and worst of all, I could not eat. On the 3rd day, we had called everyone we could to get their opinion on if this was serious or not in hopes that they would all calm me down. Much to my dismay, I was told by a few that they thought it could be my appendix and I needed to get to a hospital before flying again. Upon getting to the hospital, I was taken into a room and immediately examined. The doctor was sure that it was my appendix, but gave me IV fluids, took a bunch of blood and ordered a CAT scan. Luckily, we found out it was just an incredibly large ovarian cyst that had burst. I swear I had never experienced pain like this in my life and to think that these are common in other women blows my mind!

After returning home from the Bahamas, I joined a new OBGYN practice and was excited to get an opinion on how to handle what was going on. My new doctor suggested I begin a new pill as the one that I was on didn’t seem right for my hormone levels and the past situations I had dealt with. Since being on it, I had felt better but was still just not 100% sure it was right. She advised that I stick with it, as adjusting the pill so often would probably be to my disadvantage but twice, I went back and had large cysts on my ovaries. I was scared. Just thinking of the idea that I could go through that pain again kept me up all hours of the night. I would convince myself that I felt the burst about to happen. In addition to that, I felt like a zombie when it came to my emotions. Now, I understand that birth control may not typically have that effect on someone and I’m unsure why this was happening but I knew in my gut this wasn’t right. About a month ago, I decided to go off the pill all together. Who knows if this is the right long-term choice as they usually advise patients that are prone to cysts to be on the pill, but I’m hoping that this will not only help normalize my emotions but also improve my health.

Overall, what I have honestly realized is that I still know nothing. I’m not sure why this keeps happening and I’m not sure what the solution is. If I do know anything, it’s that I’m not alone and I love to hear from others who have dealt with a similar situation. If anyone has any advice or just wants to chat, I’m here! And know I will always keep you guys updated!

This serves as a reminder to everyone that self-care is SO important. And always trust your gut. If something feels wrong, something is probably wrong.



By Nikki Weisman

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