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My Thoughts On Dating Apps

People have so many mixed feelings towards online dating. You either love it or hate it.

Tinder was the first dating app that I had heard of and that felt like it was geared towards younger people. Before Tinder, I knew about Christian Mingle and JDate, but in my mind they were for older divorcées. Over the years, online dating has definitely become more of the norm and I actually have met a lot of cool people using the apps.

When I moved to New York, I didn’t know a lot of people. I had a few friends that lived here, but meeting people was hard, especially in NYC. I didn’t even know where to begin. People suggested going on dating apps, not to only meet a potential boyfriend, but to meet people in general. Bumble, Hinge and Raya were the few that everyone suggested. I used them a lot more when I first moved to the city but always keep the apps on my phone and now use them when I’m bored or have free time.

The first app I ever tried was Bumble. I actually interned for Bumble 3 years ago. I moved to Austin, Texas to work for them and of course I had to try out the app. I think it is pretty standard and straight forward with the dating aspect. You have a profile with your pictures and you can add your Instagram and Spotify playlist, a feature I actually love because if you are listening to music that I am not into then I may swipe left LOL. The app has evolved to so much more than a dating app: BumbleBff and BumbleBizz are both really inventive ways to network online, too. While I was still interning there, I went on a date with a guy and he asked me what I was doing in Austin. I said “Uhh… I’m actually working for Bumble,” and he joked that he thought he was like a case study! We went on a few dates and it was great because other than my coworkers, I didn’t know many other people. Obviously it didn’t work out because I moved back after my internship ended, but we still talk here and there. It was an overall positive experience.

Hinge was suggested to me by Nikki and I actually really liked this one because you can get very specific on what you are looking for with someone and filter through different categories. Another feature is that you can answer questions about yourself instead of having just pictures on your profile. The questions are funny too, like what are your pet peeves (mine are people who don’t like dogs), two truths and a lie and describe what you geek out on (I say murder mysteries). Honestly I love this part because I can base my swipe on the person and their answers more than just their picture. I like when they are witty and creative with their answers! Anyway, the first date I went on from Hinge went really well. He was a nice guy!  We went on a few dates after that, but it fizzled out. Based on my experience I would definitely suggest people try Hinge.

The last app I tried was Raya, I heard about this app when I was going to school in Paris. A friend did a project about it in our class so I heard all of the ins and outs, but what I took away from it was that it is a very exclusive app and you need to know someone on it to be invited to use it. Most of the guys I matched with on there were very to the point and would not even say hi, they would just say “what are you doing tonight” and then you can see in their bios that they were all club promoters. Needless to say, I have talked to a bunch of people on there but never really went on any dates. I think most of the people on there are looking for one night stands or girls to take out to the club.

All in all, I have matched with 100s of people, probably spoke to 30 and went on around 10 dates. I think because there is no pressure to respond, things tend to fizzle out quickly. That has definitely been what has happened with me. Sometimes I just kind of forget or maybe didn’t care enough, but everytime I did put in the effort and actually go on the date, I always had fun. Even if it didn’t work out, it was still a good experience.

Yes, the old fashioned way of meeting someone at a bar is always ideal but if you are open to meeting new people it can’t hurt to just swipe right and say hey! Since writing this, I realized I should go on the apps more often. Anyway, I opened the app and have been talking to someone for 2 days now and a potential date is in the works! Ha. Wish me luck!

By Anna Chudnovsky

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