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Must Haves: Stephanie Gottlieb

Stephanie Gottlieb and I met 6 years ago in Mexico right after Brandon and I got married. We bumped into each other in the hotel we were both staying at. Her husband and I knew each other from a teen tour in what feels like a different life time! Ever since then we have been close friends. We got back to the city, would hang out all the time, go for dinners, etc. When I first met Stephanie in Mexico, she had 2,000 followers on Instagram and I immediately told her she needed to change things. First thing I made her do was get rid of borders around each photo (insert laughing emoji). Second, I told her that she was actually offering something different in the influencer space. There were zero bloggers that focused solely on accessories and that she needed to get on that! From then on, her Instagram grew exponentially and she is one of the most fun people to follow on Instagram. Any time I’m looking for a new piece of jewelry or my husband is – she’s the first person I go to. I wanted to share my love for Stephanie Gottlieb on here but also share that she has the biggest sale of the year happening starting Friday of course. Info below and can’t wait to see what you guys order!
Details for Black Friday: 20% off site-wide (with a few exceptions) starting Friday at midnight!

Shop my favorite pieces below:

By Arielle Charnas

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