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Mother’s Day Q + A with the Team Something Navy Moms!

For Mother’s Day this year, we gave our moms the gift they REALLY want – we let them give us advice! 😉

We love our moms and are especially loving learning from their expert motherly wisdom. We asked them a few questions and it was really fulfilling to hear their perspectives. Try it out this Mother’s Day- the answers may surprise you!

Arielle’s Mom: Carrie

What’s the best part about being MY mom?
The best part of being your mom is getting to be that person for you. That person who will unconditionally love you until you’re 100 plus. That will put you before myself every time. I absolutely love being that person for you because you are my daughter & you deserve everything!


What was I like as a baby?
So easy! My easiest time was with you as a baby. You came early, you came quickly and without much fuss. For sure you were an easier delivery (I had no meds at all!). You just blended into the family with barely a peep.


Did you always know I would end up in fashion?
You definitely had all of the makings of a true fashionista. You dressed as if every step you took was on a catwalk. You had outfit changes at least half dozen times every day! 


When were my most difficult years? 
Your toughest years were from preteen thru college ( for many different reasons). Most of our difficulties with you came from your anxiety which in turn gave me anxiety. You were full time always. 


How did motherhood change you? 
Motherhood was the greatest change of my life. Motherhood actually allowed my heart to open greater than I’d ever imagined. My heart actually exploded with such joy that I’d never dreamed possible or ever experienced. I knew from the second I became a mother that this feeling I had would consume every second of every day for the rest of my life and I could never feel more blessed with this euphoria!

Nikkis Mom: Jami


What's the best part of being MY mom?
I can honestly say that watching you grow from a feisty little girl to this incredible dynamic young woman has been so unbelievable. You truly exude so many qualities that I admire. You are loyal, responsible, sensitive and nurturing. I love how you LOVE!  Your family, your friends, your career, your compassion for others and for animals (lol) makes you so unique.


What was I like as a baby?

You were a perfect angel (no joke). You never cried. You were a go with the flow baby.


Did you always know I would end up in fashion?

Seriously??? You were the biggest tomboy ever!!!!! You were also the most patient and were the one who could put together all of the toys. I truly thought you were going to be the next Angie Harmon and be a Forensic Criminal Investigator. You always loved watching CSI and murder shows. A fashionista NOT!!!!!!!


When were my most difficult years? (sorry, btw!)

13-17….BUT I was the same and you got away with a lot because I understood you. You forever slammed your door on me and that door had a split down the middle after all those years.


What is your best advice for when I become a mom and for new moms in general?

Don’t take yourself too seriously! Remember to LAUGH, follow your heart and trust your instincts.

Anna’s Mom: Kim

What was I like as a baby?
You were a sweet, loving, cuddly, affectionate baby always. You basically never complained about anything. And you were obsessed with watermelon! 🍉 


Did you always know I would end up in fashion?
I had no idea that you would be working in the fashion industry, I did however know you would have photography in your plans. 


What’s your best advice for when I become a mom? 
My best advice to you when becoming a mom is PATIENCE!! Do not expect to plan your day and then not having it go as planned. Everyday will be different, never put too much pressure on yourself and just take each day as it comes and know that life will only get better every single day. 


Do you think being a mom today is different from when you had me?
Absolutely! Being a mom today is very different; it’s called social media which surrounds everything around us and that includes being a mom and raising children right now. 


Dana’s Mom: Susan

What is the best part about being MY mom?
That would be watching YOU, the amazing person who I love to the moon & back, evolve into the strong, caring, independent, bright young woman that you are today. It’s a joy to spend time with you, because you are thoughtful & have a great sense of humor. As your mother, I’d like to think that maybe I had some influence in the person you’ve become.


What was I like as a baby?
You were a very outgoing baby with a smile for everyone. I lovingly called you “delightful Dana”… and senior citizens gravitated to you when we were out and about. 


Did you always know I would end up in fashion?
There were strong indications of that happening as early as your preschool years when you would mix and match outfits to satisfy your developing sense of style. In grade school you dreamed of opening your own unique clothing boutique… “Pretty Pony” ring a bell? As a teen, you enjoyed reading fashion magazines and gravitated toward designer labels.


What is the best advice for when I become a mom and for new moms in general?
That would be to create friendships with the other pregnant couples you will meet during your pregnancy. You’ve heard the old adage that, “misery loves company.” Well, parenting will be one of the most challenging jobs you may be blessed to take on. Those babies aren’t born with manuals. There are stages each child goes through and many not so joyful moments that will feel as though they’re never going to end. It can be immensely comforting & reassuring to have someone in the thick of it, someone who is experiencing all the joyful & not so joyful aspects of parenting like yourself, to be your confidante, sounding board & source of sage advice. If all goes well as the months turn into years, your children will have a great set of friends too.

Tara’s Mom: Susan

What has been the best part of being MY mom?
The best part of being your Mom is seeing how you have evolved from a beautifully perfect, sweet, happy baby into a beautifully perfect, intelligent, assertive, and tenacious young woman. You always had a flair for fashion and were never afraid to show your true fashion sense. 


What was I like as a baby?
You all won’t believe this, but Tara was the roundest, chubbiest baby. Her rolls never seemed to end! She had a head like a bowling ball. You were always happy. You were a joy!!! ️


Did you always know I would end up working in fashion?
I did not know you would end up in fashion, however, you always had a fashion sense and wore what you liked, not necessarily what others were wearing. I did know that whatever you did, you would do it well. You have an incredible work ethic. You never settle and I knew your tenacity and patience would lead you right where you wanted to be! Wish is right where you are! 


What is the best advice for when I become a mom and for new moms in general?
Children don’t come with an instruction manual, so sometimes, as parents, we have to trust our instincts. I just loved you and guided you and trusted that was enough. It was. 


Do you think being a mom today is different from when you had me?
Our world is a different place than it was 30 years ago. All I can say is love hasn’t changed. Spending “quality” time with your children without interruptions is so, so important. Showing your child how special, secure, and loved they are is key and that will never change. 




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