I was so excited that the weather finally allowed me to wear some of my chunky knit turtleneck sweaters. I’ve bought a few for this season that I’ve been saving up to share with you guys. This one specifically is a new favorite, I bought it at my favorite Hamptons store (TENET) and I think it’s the prettiest color ever. I posted it yesterday but you really couldn’t see in Instagram the true color of it.

Originally for this outfit, I was going for an all grey monochrome look but I figured adding a light pastel would make it a little more exciting. I’m also absolutely loving skirts at the moment, I never find any that I really love but Zara had some amazing options.

I also want to thank a lot of you for sending in your questions and hanging out with me on Facebook Live last night. It’s seriously SO much fun getting to chat with you guys and answering your questions. It’s one of the main reasons why I do this! As I mentioned, I’ll be heading out to LA next weekend (the 9th) and I will be heading to Toronto in March. I would love to set up meet and greets in both places so if any one has any spots they want to suggest please let me know!

Also – this Thursday, I asked my dermatologist if he would do a Facebook live with me so he can answer any skin questions you guys might have! I feel like a lot of the time I do a Q&A or a FB live, a lot of you have a ton of skin related questions. He agreed to do it with me so get ready – any questions you may have regarding skin, facials, anti aging, botox, filler, all of that kind of stuff he’ll be ready to answer them! We’re doing it at 3:15 PM EST! Hope you guys can join us 🙂 x







Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Skirt (similar) / Sweater / Boots / Sunnies / Bag (similar)

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  1. I know I’m a little late on commenting on this look but I really, really love this… I wasn’t sure if you had a dress or a skirt on underneath that sweater. Such a cute look, your style is amazing!!

    Xx Sarah


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