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Mealtime Must-Haves for Every Mom

As registered dietitians with little ones (and more on the way!), we are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to make healthy eating easier for ourselves and our families.

While neither of us can claim to be gourmet chefs, we’re constantly trying new gadgets and techniques to make mealtime easier and more enjoyable. Because, let’s face it, cooking can be stressful and daunting especially with tiny mouths to feed. Read along to learn our must-haves for healthy living, simplified.

Stasher bags:

The modern day mom is busy; there’s no denying it. Stasher bags are a lifesaver and functional for the whole family. They are a vehicle for quick lunches, keep food fresher (meaning less grocery store visits and less food waste!), and store your little ones’ leftovers more easily (meaning, less for you to throw away or eat off their plate!) Check out their website for the many ways Stashers can help with mealtime.     

Suctioned bowls and plates: How did our mothers survive without dishware that suctions to surfaces? After a long day, picking food off the floor is the last thing on our agenda. The suction also makes it easier for little ones learning how to use their utensils. Some of our favorite brands: EZPZ, Avanchy and OXO.


High performing blender:

We’d be at a loss without a blender! From soups to smoothies to baby food, a blender is a huge help as little ones grow bigger. The BEABA Babycook is a beautiful addition to your baby registry for its sleek design and functionality. Otherwise, a girl can never go wrong with a Vitamix or Ninja. We love using our blenders to quickly use up leftover herbs, frozen veggies or leftover fruit to include for mealtime or snacks.


Grocery delivery subscription:

Heading to the grocery store with little ones in tow can be a headache. If time is money, then delivery services are well worth the slight upcharge. In addition to the ever-popular Instacart and  Amazon Fresh, we’re fans of Thrive Market for its curation of high quality, nutritionally advanced products. Plus, grocery deliveries have the added benefit of keeping impulse purchases to a minimum — a bonus for any healthy eating plan!

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Photo via: tier1dc

By Amanda Baker Lemein and Julie Pappas

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