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Life Lessons We Learned From Our Favorite TV Shows

You know those TV shows you can’t get enough of so you watch them over and over again even though you know exactly what’s going to happen in each episode?

Yeah, us too. We like to think of them as more than just guilty pleasures because they offer valuable life lessons we can use when we finally get ourselves off of the couch. Here are some of the best lessons we’ve learned from some of our favorite shows:


A lot happened over the course of 10 seasons, and one of the biggest lessons we learned from Friends was the value of living with roomies and how having built-in best friends you happen to live with can get you through anything big or small… marriage, divorce, job changes, getting laid off, family problems, infertility and more. 


Rachel’s career goals are enviable and we were able to see her make it all happen for herself. She taught us the value of a dollar, working at Central Perk when she was in between things and putting in her time in the fashion industry to get the oh-so-coveted dream jobs at Ralph Lauren and later, an offer from Louis Vuitton. Of course, she also taught us not to get involved with your intern, no matter how cute he is, too. 


The rest of the cast had their share of teaching moments like when Chandler taught us how to smile, Joey taught us the value of a good sandwich, Phoebe taught us how to always be yourself, Monica taught us the importance of keeping everything neat and tidy and Ross taught us that you should really, really confirm the status of your relationship before sleeping with someone else! 

Photo via: TV Guide

Sex and The City:

After watching rerun after rerun of Sex and The City, we’ve learned a thing or two about girlfriends. Most importantly, that girlfriends are, above everything, some of the most sacred relationships you could have! Honoring and cherishing your closest friendships has been a takeaway from the start of Season 1, but as the series progressed, we kept uncovering more. 


Like… the power of a great outfit to get you through the day and inspire your confidence no matter what you’ve got going on in your personal life! Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda prove this to be true time and time again.


And that women (hello, Carrie) need to be smart about their finances. Underneath all the pretty clothes, fancy shoes, relationship drama and sex, money talk was a strong theme throughout the series that added a layer of reliability and made us really think twice before splurging on another pair of satin shoes or giving up our apartment for a man who notoriously won’t commit! 


Finally, it goes without saying that one of the best lessons we learned from Sex and The City is that girls always come before guys, ALWAYS. 

Photo via: Fanpop

Game of Thrones:

Among the plot twists, endless scheming, and unforeseen murders on Game of Thrones, there were some lessons we learned over the seasons, too. 


Spoiler Alert! Some of them were about spoiler alerts themselves. By that we mean, we learned that it is NOT safe to talk about the final season of Game of Thrones outside your house, for risk of ruining it for someone else. 


We took extra care in crafting our big lessons from GoT, so you don't have to worry about spoilers here if you aren't exactly caught up on the entire series yet (no worries- we won't judge!). But truly, there is a lot more to Game of Thrones than the scary stuff, like lessons about leadership, loyalty, family and what it means to commit to a cause bigger than yourself. 


Through eight seasons of twists and turns, Arya and Sansa Stark never lost sight of the fact that family meant more to them than destiny, power, and romance. Family first, always. 


GoT made us think: can a leopard change its spots? Jaime Lannister taught us that while people are capable of personal growth and endearing self-awareness, no one ever REALLY changes. 


Probably the biggest lesson over the course of the show is this: What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right. Time and time again, Tyrion Lannister risked his life standing up for what he believed in. Instead of pursuing the path of least resistance, Tyrion let his conscience and belief in what was right determine his course of action…no matter the personal cost. 

Photo via: Pinterest


The New Girl:

Aside from teaching us how to be lovable in every way, the roommates from The New Girl and everyone in their extended orbit taught us tons of important life lessons. 


First and foremost, Jess showed us the value of being yourself, no matter how weird and quirky you are. Jess’s character was unabashedly “Jess” which is why we loved her so much. 


Jess was also wise beyond her years, with her infamous quote that sums up life perfectly when she said, “you can run away from your problems, but you're just going to find new ones that pop up.” We feel this and just hope we can remember it the next time we are in a bind! 


And finally, Jess taught us that you can have a relationship with your best friend, and it will get sticky, but if you feel deep down it's worth pursuing, you gotta do it!

Photo via: Pinterest




Sometimes, it’s easy to zone out and not see our favorite shows for their deeper meanings, but when we do, they take on a whole new light! Plus, now we don’t have to feel bad for spending so much time doing what we love most 🙂


Photo via: Elle

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