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I’m excited to talk about my bags since it’s definitely a topic a lot of you ask me about! I was never really a bag girl until I really got into blogging. After a few years of shooting outfits, I noticed how much they really contributed to a look. I started buying a bunch of trendy bags over the years and it wasn’t until I had a baby that I realized how silly it was to spend so much money on a trendy bag that I’ll only wear for a year. I went on a crazy clean out a few months ago and I sold all of my trendy designer bags. I made a deal with myself going forward that the only bags I’ll splurge on are ones that I know will never go out of style and to me that is and always will be CHANEL.

I would never in a million years sell one of my CHANEL bags, I want to be able to pass them all down to my girls. The other bag I’ll never sell is my Hermes Birkin that Brandon bought for me. It’s such a classic and special bag that I always dreamt of owning one day. My mom used to always wear them and she’s well into her late 50’s with three girls and still won’t hand any of them down to us!

Another bag I love and have zero interest in getting rid of at the moment are my Mark Cross box bags. I love how simple and chic they are with no logo jumping out at your face. I wear them so often and to so many occasions, they were so worth the investment in my opinion! I’m also a huge fan of The Row Ascot bags. I bought a red silk one and a navy velvet one. I wear them to evening events but also love how they look for a casual dinner out. The quality is incredible as most items from The Row are so I genuinely believe they were also a great investment.

Each bag of mine has a story behind it and I love that. I love that I remember what was going on in my life or that day when I purchased one of my bags. The one that has the most meaning would be the color blocked Chanel sweater material bag. It was the first Chanel bag I ever bought for myself. I went to Bergdorf looking to buy myself a Chanel bag because I got a big check from a blogging job. I think this was in 2014. Because of the material of the bag, it was on the more affordable side (when it comes to Chanel) but still a steep leap for me.

The bag I wear the least would probably be my Red Jumbo Chanel. I wanted that bag so badly and it was probably the most expensive one I purchased but at the end of the day, it’s jumbo and a big piece to carry around. I do want to make it a point to incorporate it into more of my outfits since it is incredibly beautiful and I’m pretty sure I bought the last one in NYC in that color.

A question I get a lot from all of you is what would be the best designer bag to splurge on for your first piece? Again, to me, if you’re spending the money and it’s your first time and maybe your only time for a while, I would go with a classic CHANEL bag. You will never feel the urge to sell or get rid of it, you can have it for life and it makes the spending less painful. If you’re going for trendy, I’d stick with something that’s not full of logo’s and an obvious trend.

If you have any other bag questions, I’ll be at my computer for the next few hours and I’m always happy to answer! Just write them in the comment section and stay tuned. x





Photography by Tawni Bannister.

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  1. Hi! Obsessed with you! Question-what do you think about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull? I’m looking to make an investment into a designer bag that I can carry to work. I work at a magazine so I’m always lugging around a ton of stuff in my bag. Do you think it’s too trendy? Or tacky? Dying to know your opinion! ily!

  2. Fontou jeepthe boxes of your chanel bags and I’m trying to find the classic flap in navy tweed is size small. I live in Toronto. Does it still exist??

  3. I’m currently pregnant with my first and having difficulty deciding if I should buy a designer bag that can double as a diaper bag (totesavvy make an insert for a LV neverfull and Goyard St. Louis). What do you use?

    1. I used the Goyard bag for Ruby as my diaper bag/designer every day bag. This time around I’m using the HAPP diaper bag and will probably transition over to my Goyard around 6 months!

  4. Love this post! I’m also bag obsessed, so I love seeing part of your collection. Totally agree with you about a classic Chanel being a great investment. I got my first one a couple of years ago, and now I’m on the hunt for another. Thanks for sharing!
    xo, Lauren Ashley

  5. One of your best posts yet!!
    What is a must have, staple bag for evening wear that still holds a decent amount of things inside?

    I always have an issue with this because I like to carry my mini camera as well as my phone/keys etc…

    1. I love the Mark Cross bags for a night time bag that still fits a good amount, I also love my Row Ascot bags because they take shape to whatever you put inside and you can add a lot in there!! A camera, a phone, a charger all of the above!

  6. What do you do about wallets with your bags? Do you have one signature wallet you pass from bag to bag or not carry one at all? I’m young- only 21 and own a few designer bags, but for my everyday bags I switch bestween an LV neverful, A Balenciaga City Bag and a Celine Nano but I only have one true wallet which is the LV zippy wallet, and it drives me nuts that it doesn’t match my other bags! Do you reccomend getting a generic black wallet or do you mix and match your wallets as well?

    1. I just have a plain black wallet that I can throw into all of my bags, I don’t care so much about the matching as I do about a wallet fitting into every size bag that I have. The only bag I have an issue fitting my wallet into is the mark cross bags!

  7. Hi Arielle! First of all I love your style and blog! Actually because of you i just started blogging… My question is: Which one could be a “classic bag” but not as small as a chanel one? I mean i need a big one to go to work… or when i travel i need to carry a big one on the plane to take all my stuff but i would like a classic one!…. Thank you!!

    1. I think Mansur is simple and clean enough to be considered classic. There is nothing too trendy about it and they have beautiful colors and leathers!

  8. Hi Arielle! First of all I love your style and blog! Actually because of you i just started blogging… My question is: Which one could be a “classic bag” but not as small as a chanel one? I mean i need a big one to go to work… or when i travel i need to carry a big one on the plane to take all my stuff but i would like a classic one!…. Thank you!!

  9. Hi!
    Love this post!
    I bought a chanel medium/large in black after graduating from grad school and I Love it because it means so much. But, I really wanted a chanel bag I could wear everyday! I’ve heard the jumbo isn’t much bigger and it’s sort of similar. Do you have any suggestions for a good “everyday” chanel bag (it will also probably be black). Thank you!!

    1. I have the jumbo and hardly ever use it because of how large it is. I really love the Chanel backpack for an every day Chanel bag – it goes with everything (I bought it in black) and it’s so comfortable and easy to carry around especially for someone with kids!

      1. Thank you for responding! I really love this post and was waiting for so long for you to share your bags!
        Do you prefer the backpack over the chanel trendy you have? I think thats what its called, almost like a bowling bag?

  10. Hi Arielle! I’m wondering if you’ve ever owned a Phillip Lim bag, specifically the “Pashli”?
    I am thinking to buy one and I can’t find good info on whether they are good enough to buy. Thanks! I <3 you and Ruby xo

  11. I’m looking to buy a designer backpack for traveling and want to look chic. If you had to choose between Louis Vuitton or Saint Laurent which would you choose??

  12. Hello! I love this post. My first Chanel bag was purchased while on vacation to Paris. It was a dream come true for sure. I plan on saving it for my daughter as well since it’s such a timeless and forever classic bag. It just elevates my outfits to the highest level!


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