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Katie Sturino On All Things Body Positivity

For Body Positivity Month, it was only fitting we spoke with the reigning queen of the Body Positive Movement, Katie Sturino!

Katie has amassed a loyal following on Instagram by embracing her body and by challenging the injustices in the fashion world for women who are not a size zero.

Katie founded her popular beauty line Megababe that is, of course, all about inclusivity and honesty when it comes to solving problems women go through each day, but don’t always talk about. We’re huge fans of Megababe’s Bust Dust (the ultimate solution to boob sweat) and Shower Sheets (when you need to freshen up on the go!), which go hand in hand with Katie’s mission of making women feel good about themselves. Read on for our interview with Katie and get as inspired as we are!

How has your journey on social media changed how you view yourself?

It was really hard and awkward for me to start featuring myself and I think that was a reflection with my own self-confidence. As I connected with more and more women who had been through similar struggles, I started to feel more normalized and my confidence grew!

What is the meanest thing someone has said to you on Instagram? What is the nicest?

The meanest thing someone has said to me on Instagram was when someone said I look like I ate Meghan Markle. Fortunately, there is not one thing that sticks out as the nicest thing someone has said to me because people reach out daily to say that they are changing the way they feel about themselves and their body for the better. To know that I had something to do with that is really incredible!

What gave you the encouragement and power to be the voice of the Body Positive Movement?

It was really hearing from other women in the comments of articles and in my DMs telling me that they really identified with what I was talking about and that made me feel like I had a duty to keep it up!

Where did you get your confidence? It takes confidence to post it, but even more to maintain it.

I think that I’ve always been a confident person in my core, but the fashion industry really made me doubt myself and the women on the Internet that talk to me brought me back to life!

Any one moment in your career that has been the most validating? What has been the most rewarding?

Every day is validating and rewarding! I’m telling you: helping women of all sizes stop thinking that their body is their enemy is incredible! Just thinking about the girls who are forming opinions about themselves now have all of these women on the Internet to follow along with and feel empowered from instead of feeling bad about themselves.

What are your goals and hopes for the future, personally and professionally when it comes to the Body Positive Movement?

I want women of all ages to stop looking in the mirror and feel like their self-worth and identity is somehow tied to the scale. In fact, I want women to free themselves of the body conversation entirely. I want you to treat your body like it’s a healthy organ to tend to, but I want you to ditch the loop that women have in their heads running all day with negative feedback about our bodies!

Check out Katie’s Megababe line here.

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