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Investment Pieces

There’s always a debate about whether we should save up for investment pieces or go on a fast-fashion spree to get a quick fix.

In fact, we could justify why either is sensible. We want to take the opportunity here to advocate for and provide a guide to investment shopping and the merits of saving up for something special.

Start with Shoes, Bags and Coats

Shoes, bags and coats are the best categories to start with when we’re spending money on building a wardrobe. They’re the pieces we’ll get the most use out of and tend to be the most durable (especially compared to a frilly dress or silky blouse). Plus, we can wear the same shoes, bag and coat every single day without getting outfit fatigue by mixing in pieces we already have to spice it up and feel amazing at the same time.

No Trendy Pieces

The biggest rule of shopping for investment pieces is to stay far, far away from the trends! Instead of that limited-edition lucite clutch from the latest runway darling (or whatever it may be!), we try to go for the classic pieces we know we’ll have and still want forever.

Seek Out Classic Brands

When we’re about to lay down some serious cash, we prefer investing in timeless brands. Chanel, The Row, and Acne all have a signature look that will be around forever, but can get expensive and therefore, unrealistic. We can buy into the heritage style with lower priced items (relatively speaking!) like Hermes sandals for example instead of an Hermes handbag. Classic brands exist in the contemporary market as well, like Club Monaco, Theory and Madewell, which are always great options at a much better price.


We spoke with stylist Marci Hirshleifer of the iconic Hirshleifer’s boutique to get her take on investment shopping and she completely agrees, adding, “an investment piece is always the best way to shop in the long run. The quality is long lasting and if you buy a timeless, classic piece it actually usually gains in value!”. And speaking of resale value…

Get Creative

Using resources like The Real Real, Tradesy, What Comes Around Goes Around, Rent The Runway, and local consignment shops are a great way to find pieces we want for a fraction of the price. It’s best we know ahead of time exactly what we’re looking for so we don’t end up buying to buy or getting sucked in because we came across a great brand at an even better price. That defeats the whole purpose of investment shopping, doesn’t it?!

Quality Over Quantity

Remember that investment shopping is about choosing quality over quantity. We all have those moments where we’re like, “I could get the replica version for 10 times less!” But when it comes to investment pieces, it’s better to save up for the one we really want instead of getting a knockoff that isn’t as well-made.

We know how hard it is to be tempted to go into Zara for “just one thing,” which is why we made this guide – to remind us about the merits of saving up for something special AND to go over best practices for getting timeless wardrobe staples.

What are you saving up for now? Check out Tara’s budgeting advice for some saving tips she’s acquired over the years.


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