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In The Wild

It’s undeniable that leopard is trending. 

The community I choose to stand with, though, is not of leopard trend-setters. I feel part of the community which adopted leopard as a neutral long ago. I’m a firm believer that trends are cyclical, and our grandma’s generation was definitely wild for the print as well.  It’s a pattern that I don’t discriminate against in any category – apparel, footwear, accessories, swimwear, Halloween costumes (not proud of that stage of my life), bath linens, rugs (yes, it’s the print of the runner in our entryway), dishes, the list goes on in perpetuity.  I am proudly a lover of prints in general, from floral to plaid to polka dots, even a fun shape (hearts, stars, pineapples…).  But, I think it’s leopard that I stand closest with.

I don’t remember the age when I started loving a feline pattern.  I hope my mom used to dress me in adorable jumpsuits (ie Ruby circa Arielle’s IG post on February 20).  I do recall my mom inserting leopard often into her personal wardrobe when I was younger, perhaps that’s how it started.  Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, they say!  I do feel like leopard used to be a print that not every girl dared to wear; it may have fallen into that “I can’t pull that off!” category that many of us succumb to.  For the record, I really dislike that mentality because we can all pull anything off as long as we wear said thing confidently.  Now, it feels as though leopard is like a fun accessory, something you can add onto a simple outfit to make yourself stand out.  It’s also fun to play with the different versions of the print.  I believe leopard exists in every color variation one can dream of; in my opinion, stick to the classics otherwise you’re contributing to leopard dilution (aka – making leopard look cheesy). 

I recall the time when I was deliberating where to have my wedding, and my mom and I were in Palm Beach looking at venues.  After visiting the Flagler Museum, we had dinner in town and then went for a drink at The Leopard Lounge .  It felt like all signs were pointing to Palm Beach.  Prior to committing to the Flagler, I committed to The Leopard Lounge as my after-party venue.  It was a non-negotiable.  I remember sitting at the bar, martini in hand, searching googling “Brandon Maxwell Spring 18 Runway Joan Smalls”.  “This is IT, this is my vision” I thought.  The rest is history and a true testament to my commitment to leopard.  For those wondering, I did get my hands on this print from Brandon Maxwell’s collection and tailored it into the perfect mini!

All in all, I am proud to be ‘team leopard’.  Come the day when it’s no longer a lust-worthy trend, I will still be wearing it!  Oh, and I cannot wait for Something Navy’s summer collection (hint hint 😉).




By Tara Foley

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