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In The Middle

I cannot imagine what I would do without my sisters. They are my rocks and my best friends in the entire world who I can trust with pretty much everything.

They have been there every single step of the way for me and I love how close we all are. People always ask if my sisters and I would constantly fight. The truth is, (annoying as it may be!), is that literally the only thing we would fight about was clothing! Specifically, who took whose clothing without asking. Honestly, clothes were everything in my hous e. Are you surprised?

I am a classic middle child, with one older sister and one younger sister. All of the stereotypical personality traits that apply to middle children apply to me. I’m always the peacemaker and am very loyal. Growing up, I didn’t realize how much being a middle child influenced my life and my relationships with my siblings, but now I see it so clearly.

My younger sister Michaela and I formed our best-friendship right from the beginning. We are the closest in age, had a lot in common, and we were stuck home together during the same times because we we re both the “little sisters” of the house. Whenever my older sister Danielle was gone, I got to be the big sister to Michaela and soaked up every second. Also, we fought the most because she was a full-blown clothing thief (and still is, I might add!) but aside from that, we were always the best of friends.

My older sister Danielle and I didn’t truly form our friendship until she went off to college and people who didn’t know us back then are always surprised to hear this. We are four years apart in age, and while that may not sound like that much now, we were always in completely different stages of our lives when we were little. She took care of me when I was very young (a classic older sibling trait), and we always played together, but she was always off doing “big girl things.”

Once Danielle left for college, I would visit her at school and our interests were pretty much the same at that point. I would go to my big sister for advice, especially with anything private or serious. I trusted her with EVERYTHING! And I would be the one person she shared her college adventure stories with (and they were always amazing).

Now, as the middle sister, I have a pretty equal relationship with both my sisters. It’s a standard sisterly relationship, really, I look up to my older sister and love to copy her in as many ways as possible, and Michaela does the same thing, but with me AND Danielle.

Danielle started working in fashion right from the start and this is where I think being a middle child really played out for me in a big way. I knew that I wanted to do something with fashion too, but didn’t want to do exactly what she did. Especially since I had no clue how to style someone else! I looked up to her so much and was able to find my version of a career in fashion by watching hers and doing it a little bit differently. Us middle children always have to find some way to stand out!

I was so incredibly lucky to find blogging as a career path and having an older sister who fully supported me every step of the way has been an amazing gift. Right around the same time, Michaela fell into beauty and now started her own platform where she is a beauty blogger. Now I get to support her in the same ways Danielle supports me. And since we’re older, age doesn’t matter as much as it did and we are all best friends.

For our careers, we’ve all played off of each other, but at the same time, we are all so different and we never seem to step on each other’s toes. It’s incredible to be able to share this experience with people who provide support without any jealousy. We all truly want each other to succeed. We are and always will be each other’s biggest champions.

The relationships I have formed with both of my sisters are relationships I could only dream of. I wish there was another word for it because we are more than best friends and more than sisters. Whatever the word is that describes our above and beyond relationship with each other, I wish it upon my two girls. I hope to teach Ruby and Esme the importance of forming a similar kind of sister-best-friendship with each other – a bond that goes beyond anything and everything.



By Arielle Charnas

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