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I Used Social Media To Decorate My New Apartment

Moving is definitely not the most fun thing to do (and that’s an understatement), but decorating and making your home your own is the best feeling.

I just moved a few weeks ago and the process was not easy for a ton of reasons, but mostly because I was starting from scratch. I had lived in New York for 3 years, but always lived in furnished apartments, so this was my first time really being able to decorate and pick everything out myself, which ended up being such a fun project! I honestly had no idea where to start with just an empty room, so for months leading up to the move, I lived on Pinterest and Instagram for decorating and money-saving inspo! I wanted to share my tips and some of my best finds for anyone moving or thinking about moving in the near future… because I wish I had these before I started the whole process! 

To be honest, at first, I didn’t even know what my style really was because I never furnished an apartment before. There are so many online furniture stores that have so much product that it can be hard to sort through it all. This is where I found Pinterest and Instagram to be the most helpful, even if I was falling down the rabbit hole all the time. After who knows how many hours scrolling through endless decor options, I found this picture  and immediately loved the vibe. It was clean, simple and still somewhat girly – similar to what I was going for.

When I started, it was really hard to figure out how to put everything together without being in the space and seeing it. I am a very visual person and usually need to SEE things to get the full picture. Since I couldn’t do this, I went online and grabbed the picture of my room from the original apartment listing and uploaded it to Photoshop. (Pro tip: if you don’t know how to use Photoshop you can also do this on Google Slides). Then, I pulled pictures of different pieces I liked online and digitally placed them into the room so I could see what it looked like. It’s easier than it sounds and really made my decision-making process SO MUCH easier! Once I had a general sense of what I wanted my room to look like, I got down to the shopping.

The Bed

First off, the most important purchase you will make is your mattress!!! I once read that the average person will spend 229,961 hours in their lifetime in their bed. I have struggled with back issues ever since I was in a car accident in high school, so obviously for me, a good mattress and bed was top priority and I didn’t want to cheap out. I was seeing Casper all over Pinterest and Instagram and wanted to learn what the hype was about! So I did my research, read a bunch of reviews online and I ordered it on the spot. It shipped fast and arrived in a BOX! And don’t underestimate the box part! It made everything so easy and I was able to get a massive mattress into my apartment on my own. Getting the Casper was definitely the best choice I made and I now have the most comfortable bed ever.

I was able to get the exact bed frame I wanted from the picture I found on Instagram. They tagged Wayfair so I knew where to find it and it made sorting through everything so, so easy. Thank you, person on Instagram


And at this point, with the bed and mattress out of the way, I had a lot more confidence in the direction I was going. I wanted everything to look cute but didn’t want to spend too much. I kept seeing the famous Ikea dresser all over Pinterest and thought I could dress it up with accessories and a mirror. I kept seeing this picture and loved the way it looked. Then, I found a very similar mirror from Target for just $59! 

I kept going back to that picture I initially found on Instagram for the rest of the room. I loved that this room had a small, long-legged side table next to it keeping everything very clean and the diamond-patterned rug under the bed, but I still wanted to make it a little bit more me. I found this side table and this rug, which are clearly inspired by the original image, but not totally identical and on the plus side, way more me. 


One of the only things (other than clothes) I brought with me was the Vintage Barbie and Ken framed photograph I got last year. It’s so fun and adds the perfect pop to any room, so I knew it would be a great focal point. It is also reasonably priced for great art and really the perfect price for a girl in her 20s who wants cool art, but doesn’t want to break the bank :). 

I used my jewelry, a cute little tray and picture frames to dress up the dresser and was so happy everything was coming together just how I wanted it. I got a few more little pieces here and there to decorate and make it feel homey, which I linked here so you can shop. 

At the end of the day your room is really your sanctuary and the place where you get to relax and be yourself, so it’s important to feel at home. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to decorating and don’t want to go crazy and spend a ton, I highly recommend getting lost on Instagram and Pinterest for a few hours. It worked for me and I found some of the best inspo pages I’m still following for my next move 🙂 






Photo via: @crystalinmarie

By Anna Chudnovsky

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