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I Tried: No Sugar Diet

I’m not sure if any of you can relate but I am definitely one of those people who has been in an on-and-off-again relationship with diets since high school. I’ve struggled to find a healthy and balanced lifestyle that works for me, but I’m constantly working on it.

Everyone’s body type is different and reacts to foods differently, so the diets that you read about online might not be the best thing for you. I have tried it all. From being vegetarian, to eating strictly proteins and vegetables, to cutting carbs: the one thing I tend to overlook is sugar. Yes, I admittedly have a sugar problem. I’m a sucker for sweets and sour candies. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always saw candy as harmless because often the pieces and bites are so small, so I felt like it couldn’t be doing that much harm. WELL LET ME TELL YOU.

About 6 months ago, I cut out breads and pasta. Of course I saw a change, but I was still constantly bloated and puffy. I was still eating a lot of sweets. Throughout the day I was having about 4 starburst an hour in the office, and would come home to my bag of DOVE milk chocolate in my freezer. I really believed it was harmless and thought, Oh, I’m not eating bread or pasta, but still not fitting into my clothes the way I want to ? So, I decided 2 weeks ago that it was time to cut the sugar. Before you go crazy: no, I did not cut out fruit (I WOULDN’T SURVIVE). I just cut out processed sugar..and this is what happened:

My first week, I realized how many things have sugar in them. When I was eating in restaurants, I began asking the waiter if there was sugar in anything I was ordering, and basically every salad dressing did!!! So, the solution was to cook at home only.

I began to see a difference about 2 days in. My face was less puffy and I had less bloating in my stomach area. My skin hadn’t improved–I continued to have breakouts and all. I had a hard time at night. That’s when I crave sweets the most, but because I live alone, the only way it was going to be available to me at home is if I were to buy it. So, I stopped buying it.

My second week , I was seeing a 100% difference, especially in the places where I’d had the most puffiness and bloating (face & stomach area). By my third week, I was fitting nicely into my jeans and wasn’t missing or craving the sweets anymore.

I am definitely realizing the effects that sugar had been having on my body, and will be paying closer attention to my consumption going forward. Over the years, I’ve learned that everything is better in moderation; the biggest takeaway from this experience is that I didn’t really need to cut sugar out completely, I was just over indulging in it.

By Anna Chudnovsky

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