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I Let Ruby Dress Me

Ruby is in this phase right now where she’s obsessed with playing with clothes and picking out her own outfits.

She loves to twirl and feel like a princess at all times, so wearing dresses is her idea of the perfect outfit, no matter what. It’s gotten to the point where I have to hide all of her summer dresses so she doesn’t insist on wearing a beach cover up when it’s literally freezing outside! Since she’s so into playing with clothes, I decided to let her style me for a change. I told her we are going to play a game called Dress Up and she has to choose 3 outfits for me to wear. Here are her picks:


Outfit 1:

For this first look, you can tell Ruby is a natural stylist! It is definitely the best of the bunch and the closest to something I would actually wear. Of course, she insisted on the pink shoes.

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Outfit 2:

We started working on our second look and right away Ruby went for the fuzzy pink coat. I was excited to see where she was going with this but then Ruby refused to move forward with dressing me until she could pick out her own outfit. Obviously she went with a summer dress and sparkly shoes. She refocused and put me in a summer dress, too. Combined with the pink coat, it made things…interesting! 

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Outfit 3:

For my third look, Ruby went all out and was really getting the hang of this! She went for another summer dress that’s extra flowy and got me through my pregnancy and topped it off with a red coat that she said is perfect for twirling.

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By Arielle Charnas

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