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How To: Plan A Wedding and Work

I was never that young girl who dreamt of her wedding.  I was, however, that girl who eagerly dreamt about what she was going to be when she grew up.

The moment I got engaged, balancing wedding planning and work was an act I quickly needed to learn how to manage.  I’m not sure I really ever figured out the precise formula, but as I sit here en flight to my wedding weekend with a mimosa in hand, I can say I’ve managed just fine!  I would typically roll my eyes at the bride who says “UGH how do I plan a wedding AND work at the same time?”.  However, of course depending on the scale of your wedding, it’s a valid-ish question.  The ability to turn your big day into the best one yet for your friends who are on a 10-weekend-in-a-row wedding circuit isn’t a light challenge.  Especially when social media turns those 10 weekends into 100 weddings visible at any given time.  If you can figure that out, while remembering the reason for all of it is love, and while staying successful at work, then you’re golden.

As a fiancé for the last year and a half, I’d like to offer my main 10 points of advice.  Yes, a HOW TO: Wedding Plan & Work, at the SAME time!!  Mind-blowing.  And I would be lying if I said I did all of these things… it’s mainly a compilation of my best practices with the addition of a couple of things I wish I did.   Keep in mind my wedding is in 4 days, so you will also see a round-up of the wedding once I’ve lived through it!

  1. Hire a wedding planner – if for anything else, a wedding planner is great for controlling the logistics and execution of all wedding related tasks.  This way, you can continue to manage the logistics and execution of your existing tasks at work.  As a control freak, having a planner was an interesting experience for me, but great nonetheless. 
  2. ***Write out and commit to an ongoing to-do list.  I should probably repeat this one 5 times.
  3. Obligate time over the weekend, especially during “crunch time”, for wedding planning so you don’t have to sacrifice time at work.
  4. Involve your fiancé in the planning, make him feel involved!  My fiancé was responsible for planning the honeymoon, organizing our guests list into beautiful and efficient spreadsheets, the liquor order, and a few other things.
  5. Be decisive.
  6. Be kind and patient with whoever is helping you plan – in my case, my mom.  Because wedding planning takes up a lot of your time, you will carry this energy with you to the office.
  7. Plan in advance throughout the engagement.  Especially over the 2 months leading up to the day so you can enjoy the last few weeks and not feel overwhelmed while wrapping things up at work.
  8. Ask advice of any colleagues and friends who have been married.
  9. Delegate tasks to bridal party.  They often want to help!
  10. Don’t change jobs twice during your engagement.
  11. Sorry, here’s an 11th one.  HAVE FUN!






By Tara Foley

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