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How To Look Chic In Pink And Red

Like any true fashion lover, we’re thinking about what to wear before figuring out what to actually do on February 14th.

Big plans, little plans, no plans? It hardly matters when you’ve got on an amazing outfit. And with the predictability of “florals for spring,” come February 1st we seem to subconsciously start wearing red. The color of both love and rage, red can mean a lot of things—and wearing it can go a lot of different ways. You don’t want to look cheap or cheesy, but the latter can be legitimately difficult to avoid by the 14th.

And to be honest, we don’t want to totally avoid it come mid-February because, face it, red and pink are fun. After spending winter in so many dark colors, adding a P.O.C. works like a gloomy-day pick-me-up. Just try to wear pink and not feel that seasonal affective disorder—it’s impossible!

Look 1: For the Girl Who Lives for Trends (But Lives in Jeans)

One of the getting-dressed rules we live by is pairing a trendier piece with something simple. The organza ruffles on this top stand out, but somehow feel approachable when worn with jeans.

Shop the Shirt, Jeans, Sandals

Look 2: For the Girl Who Memorizes Runway Looks

What’s bolder than fire engine red? Mixing and matching colors. Blush and brick look sophisticated together, and a silky satin fabric on top and bottom creates a continuous feel.

Shop the Top, Skirt, Pumps

Look 3: For the Girl Who Loves a Good Rom-Com

Blush is ultra romantic and super flirty as a mini. We love amping up the girlish factor with heels and pearl earrings. After all, if you can’t fly your femme flag on Valentine’s Day, when can you?

Shop the Earring, Dress, Boots

Look 4: For the Girl Who’s Boho-Boujie

Rose gold deserves a spot beyond your jewelry box. Metallic threads make this hippie-chic top feel peasant-luxe. We’d keep the vibe going with perfectly messed-up hair pinned back with a pretty barrette.

Shop the Barrette, Blouse, Pants, Flats

Look 5: For the Girl Who Runs the Show

Monochromatic suiting is striking, but doesn’t have to be formal. Try it the SN-approved way, with a t-shirt and white sneakers. It’s cool enough for nighttime, but also works for a super stylish brunch date.

Shop the Blazer, Pants, Sneakers

Look 6: For the Girl Who Typically Lives in All-Black

For those who struggle with injecting color, period, we got you. Keep your clothes neutral (you’ll never go wrong with an LBD) and layer in poppy extras. Have fun with it too—these shoes are practically wearing accessories of their own.

Shop the Headband, Dress, Sandals


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