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How To: Live in New York City with HIM

First comes love, then comes marriage?  For some, maybe.  But for others, *then comes moving into together! 

Living with your significant other is a significant decision, even if you’re spending almost every night together already.  In my case, my husband and I had been dating for 4 years before we moved in together.  To be honest, I was ready one year earlier but he wasn’t ready to “uncommit” to his frat style apartment where he resided with 4 friends.  So, finally our moment came in June of 2016.  Our moment when we made the plunge to not only be roommates, but to live together in a NYC studio apartment.  We knew if we could make it there, we could make it anywhere!  As we are now happily married, I am here to divulge a few tips on how to ensure your partnership thrives once you make the big step to share a not-so-big New York City apartment.

  1. Don’t move in because it’s convenient.  Be patient with your relationship and make the decision once you both feel ready.
  2. If it’s something you both care about, be collaborative in the decision process.  Even if it’s letting him choose just a few pieces 😊.
  3. Look for decorative furniture that doubles as storage!  For example, when we lived in our studio, the divider which separated our “bedroom” and “living room” was a cute wall of drawers.   Do not underestimate the value of organization in your life independently and as a couple. 
  4. Keep wine in the fridge.
  5. Always include his order in your coffee run (or when you brew at home). 
  6. Find shows you enjoy watching together.
  7. An obvious one: take turns with all things cleaning – dishes, laundry, tidying up.  The “she cooks, he cleans” tradition is very effective.  Often in our apartment it’s vice-versa!
  8. Bring home flowers and keep them alive.
  9. Make the bed every morning.

These pieces of advice may not be wildly groundbreaking, but they are small initiatives that will help your love and roommate lives co-exist.  Committing to live together is such a special time, some may think a leap of faith.  As long as you compromise and learn what is important to him, you’ll be on your way to the next big step in your relationship.

Should I write an article elaborating on how I got him to move in with me?

Illustration by: Sydney Mastrandrea

By Tara Foley

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