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How To Add Color To Your Makeup Look

It’s easy to get stuck in a makeup routine where we use our same tried-and-true products day after day.

But what about spicing it up? Usually the reason we don’t go outside the box when it comes to makeup is because it’s super intimidating. We spoke with Arielle’s go-to makeup artist Natalie Lageyre all about adding color into our looks and we cannot wait to try it out ourselves!


SN: What’s the best way to add color into my makeup routine without looking like it’s too much?

Natalie: Recently I’ve enjoyed using colored eyeliner. Adding a colored wing or just some colored eyeliner pencils onto the water line will get the look.


SN: What are your favorite colors to add into your day-to-day routine?

Natalie: I love using neutral tones in my day-to-day makeup looks.


SN: What colors look best for nighttime and going-out looks?

Natalie: Anything metallic on the lid or lip is great for a night out on the town!

SN: Do you always take the outfit into consideration when deciding a makeup look?

Natalie: Of course! I like to think that my makeup is an accessory.


SN: What are your thoughts on matching say, your lip to your shoes or bag? This was huge in the 80s!

Natalie: I think it could be a really fun look if you stay in the red and burgundy family.


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