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How I Proposed To My Best Friend

I was a single girl with a cool job living in the East Village with my roommate/bestie, Barbie, when life took a socially different turn.

Once a week Barbie and I would frequent a bar/club called City Limits, a country western place with peanut shells coating the floor, banjo music, and a packed dance floor with cowboy-hat-wearing young men.  Having a great night was always a guarantee at City Limits. One Thursday night I met Rouve, the most handsome, charming man I had ever met. I was smitten right away, and his Israeli accent put me over the edge. I thought I was in love.

Rouve and I dated for about 2 years. He turned out to be a bad boy. I should have seen the signs when the pretty checkout girl at the grocery downstairs from his apartment would never charge him. How nice could she be? Idiot! I was very naive and young. I eventually broke up with him, and he moved to the west coast.

The best part of meeting my ex was his good friend, Oded. I met Oded a few days after my chance meeting with Rouve (Groovy Rouve) that fateful Thursday night. Rouve and I tried to set up our roommates – Oded and Barbie. The four of us spent the day at the beach, and Oded was very unimpressed with Barbie. He told Rouve (in Hebrew) that my roommate had a mustache.

Over the next two years Oded and I became very tight platonic friends. I set him up with several friends of mine and had to listen to both sides of sexual encounters. I even set him up with my cousin from Texas. He was very open, but most times we went out as a threesome (not sexually)!  Even after Rouve left, Oded and I would do just about everything together – movies, dinners, shopping … with groups of people or alone. We were true best friends.

On April 9, 1981 we had just gone to see a private film screening for my job. We decided to have a drink at one of our favorite uptown bars called Grass. As we walked there, we comfortably held hands and chatted about the movie. I remember every detail as if it were yesterday. We were sitting at a crowded bar, having a drink, talking about life. We talked about everything all the time, but this time was different. He kept telling me how bored he’d become with the dating scene.  He wanted to focus on other things in his life. He wanted to be with someone he enjoyed being with – someone who was fun, who he could talk to. He went on and on until he looked at me and said he wanted to be with someone just like me.

Immediately, I jumped in and asked him if he wanted to marry me.  He didn’t seem to put much thought into it and said I guess so. I told him that he had every quality I could dream of in a partner in life. We sat in a bit of disbelief for a while but never looked back. I planned our wedding before he had time to think.  Three months later we were married. We took a chance on love and got lucky. What could be better than marrying your best friend (who happens to be extremely easy on the eyes)? That first night when he dropped me off at my apartment, we kissed for the very first time. My knees went weak, and I knew all I ever needed to know at that moment. This was the love of a lifetime. ️

By Carrie Nachmani

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