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Holy Grail Skincare Products

Here at Something Navy, we all have different morning routines and each one of us swears that ours is the best. Check out our holy grail skincare products that help us start the day!


Mario Badescu Protein Night Cream: I use this morning and night. My skin is naturally very dry so finding a product that makes me appear to be super hydrated and dewy is a holy grail in my book.

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Goop Exfoliate Instant Facial: I started using this about 6 months ago and it’s had the single biggest impact on my skin of any product I’ve ever used. You apply it all over your face, let it sit for a quick 3 minutes and then rinse off. It exfoliates, tightens pores, and brightens all in one step. Makeup goes on smoother and it’s truly a mini facial at home each morning. Be sure to follow with SPF. 

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Dr. Lancer Cleanser Face Wash: I met a 65 year old woman who had incredible skin and she swears by Dr. Lancer.

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Laneige Lip Mask: I switch off between brands for a lot of my products but the one thing I never change is this. I use it every day throughout the day (even though it says it’s a sleeping mask). I cannot leave the house without putting it on!

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Biologique Recherche P50.  Leading up to my wedding I got a facial at Rescue Spa where they use a lot of Biologique products.  I walked out with a bottle of P50 toner and my life changed for the best. I use it in the morning and at night. It has a slight tingle effect, which I personally love, and leaves my face tighter and brighter.

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Illustration by: Sydney Mastrandrea

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