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He Answers

You asked, and we have the answers. We all wonder what men are really thinking, and last week we gave you the chance to tell us what burning questions you have about what’s really going on in their heads.


1. What do you like to see your girlfriend wear?

2. Are you ever mad that your partner is busy with their job?

3. I wish more girls (did, liked to, wanted, were) ____________

4. When a girl does _______ I find it the most attractive

5. How do you deal with your wife getting into a tiff with one of her sisters or her mother?

His answers: 

1. I like that my wife (formerly my girlfriend) wears a wide range of styles. She wears outfits that often reflect or determine her mood, which always keeps it interesting

2. Only when “being busy” means early morning phone calls on speakerphone from bed.

3. Liked outdoor activities more. 

4. Understands what’s important to someone, and goes out of their way to support them – even when it’s not convenient or what they want to do.

5. If it’s a tiff with her sisters, stay out of it.  If it’s a tiff with her Mom, side with her Mom!

Make sure to comment on this post what things you’re wondering-and we’ll ask!


Illustration by: Molly Keene

By Men of SN

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