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He Answers: Turn Ons and Offs

Back by popular demand! We’ve asked a few guys everything from dating to deal breakers and let them give us the answers we are always thinking about ourselves.

If you’ve ever wondered what guys are really thinking when it comes to dating, read on here!

The Guy Who Is In His Late 20’s And In A Serious Relationship: 

Does it make a difference to you what someone wears on a first date?

Not what they wear, no. Just looking like they tried and put in effort is important, I think. In the ebb and flow of dating, it’s easy to get bored and just stop trying when you think things won’t lead to a 2nd date. When you see that, it’s no good.

Do you like when someone you are interested in dating plays hard to get?

When you know they’re playing games for the sake of it, its fine. When you genuinely don’t know if they’re into you, it’s not fun at all. 

Or do you prefer no games and someone who is openly available?

I don’t mind either. It just really depends on the situation. But having someone that is a little too into you can be overwhelming too and sometimes they just need to settle down. 

The Guy Who Is Married With Kids: 

What qualities do you look for in a partner?

Sense of humor, intelligence, looks, and a passion for something (navy). 

Are there any first date deal breakers? 

Name-dropping, boring conversation and a nose ring are deal breakers for me.

Do you care about the girl you’re dating’s past?  

I love a comeback story, but yes to an extent.

The Guy Who Is Newly-ish Married: 

What’s the biggest turn off for you? 

Someone who doesn’t have independent interests or quirks.

What’s the biggest turn on for you?

Someone who easily mixes in with a group, does things because they know it makes other people happy and likes to dance.

Would you rather the person you are newly seeing to call or text you?

Texting is easier while a phone call takes some confidence. I want the phone call.


By Men of SN

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