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Hangover Cure

There is nothing worse than waking up with a migraine after a night of one too many martinis. Luckily, I have finally mastered a hangover cure so good that it’s worth sharing. You’ll thank me later.

It started the morning after my 21st birthday. Please keep this in mind and don’t think this is a typical occurrence for me. I woke up feeling sicker than I’d ever felt before–actually crying all day (and throwing up all night). Of course Pedialyte was an option, but this hangover was so bad that it couldn’t even save me.

Somehow my friends convinced me the morning after to go to brunch with them….bad idea (I’m having flashbacks right now and feel ill!) Take it from me: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BED. STAY WHERE YOU ARE. I really don’t know how I managed to get out of bed and put myself together to be in public, but all I remember is sticking my head out of the cab like a dog. We went to a little cafe and my headache was awful, feeling so incredibly nauseous that I sat with my head buried in the table, silently crying. The waitress seemed to notice the pain I was going through, and perhaps she could relate somehow; she came over with a glass of chocolate milk and told me it was her secret hangover cure. She said that it was hydrating, settles the stomach, and raises your blood sugar–all at the same time. I had my doubts and thought it was peculiar, but I googled it and the internet agreed. So, I gave it a try. I was desperate at this point.

Post-brunch, I picked up a gallon of chocolate milk and drank another few glasses throughout the day (tastes way better than Pedialyte, by the way). I finally felt like I was coming back to life after chugging those glasses and a nap. The trick works-especially if you pair it with Advil!

Thank you to the waitress at Bubby’s Tribeca–you saved me!!!


Illustration by: Molly Keene

By Anna Chudnovsky

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