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Hair Styles We Are Loving For Summer Events

Who doesn’t get bored of wearing the same hairstyle over and over?

And with heat and humidity joining forces to create summer’s most unwelcome guest, frizz, planning in advance and stocking up on the best hair products are your best defenses against boring hair this season. Here are our favorite styles that are perfect for summer. And as a bonus, they’re all easy to do yourself at home, too!

Slicked Back Low Pony

First and foremost, we love this style because it’s so simple to DIY while looking clean, sleek and very put together. A slicked back low pony will always be a great choice when you’ve got earrings you’re dying to show off and an interesting neckline that needs to be front and center. Use your favorite smoothing product on wet hair and secure this style while your hair is still damp, letting it dry in place for best results.

Natural Beachy Waves

Natural beachy waves are a go-to style for us and Arielle is a pro at doing them right. Check out her video here on how to get the look and tune in for all her pro tips. Beachy waves are seriously so easy once you get the hang of it! Grab an Infiniti Pro Conair iron and set it to 400 degrees. Next, grab an old school clip to section your hair and get to it! So much easier than you thought, right? 

Half-Up, Half-Down

The half-up, half-down style does not get enough love! It’s quite literally the best of both worlds when it comes to keeping your locks off your face while showing off your length in the back. It’s also ideal for hot summer days, so sign us up. We love using a texturizing spray to get the look just right. 

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are definitely having a moment right now and we are all for them. They’re such a great addition and always add that finishing touch to any outfit. Headbands, bows, oversized clips… you name it. As far as we’re concerned, you can't go wrong! 


We can never get enough of a good braid. French braids are classic and add a sophisticated vibe to any look. Double braids are a more playful aesthetic while a single braid down the back is by far the easiest to put together on your own. We love watching how-to videos on YouTube to try new styles and get tips from the pros. Texturizing sprays and cute elastics will be your new best friends when you get the hang of braiding your hair. 



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