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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Pants: J BRAND / Shoes: Aquazzura / Top: Caroline Consta (in blue, in red) / Bag: Valentino / Sunnies: Stella McCartney

I am so excited right now that I’m posting an outfit. I haven’t been able to shoot outfits over the Summer since I’m always back and forth. I have lots of new goodies though that I want to shoot and style and this top is one of them! I made a trip to East Hampton with Ruby and Marget and Marget picked out this top for me haha. I know it’s easy to find an off the shoulder top anywhere but this one felt a little more special to me. I paired it with my scuba material ankle length trousers and these fun Aquazzura pumps that I got 40% off!

We’re heading back to the haunted Hampton house this evening for the weekend, I’ll keep you guys posted on what goes on via snap! Love you guys!

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  1. Loving the fact that Marget picked out the top! Obsessed with Marget and your relationship with her. Ruby is everything and you are a wonderful mama.


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