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Get Involved: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is still going strong and we’ve got a ton of ways you can get involved here, thanks to Gabby Stoller Wasserman, who has been so open with us about her breast cancer journey. Check them out and be sure to do your part! We know we are!

In Gabby’s words:

I thought it would be helpful to outline a few ways to get involved for Breast Cancer month but also in general; below are a few organizations that I am passionate about:

Basser & UJA:  UJA in conjunction with the Basser Foundation organized a panel and educational event on BRCA in NYC on 10/28.  I am honored to speak at the event alongside my angel oncologist, Dr. Robson from MSKCC. Please find more information on the Basser Young Leadership Council and how to register to attend below:   

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer: Upon diagnosis, I got introduced to another mom in our town who had the same exact type of triple negative breast cancer (7-year survivor!).  She coached me through it all and I could not have done it without her. I am joining her and her family on this walk that they do every year that raises money for Breast Cancer research (love you Michelle and can’t wait to walk alongside you as a survivor this year!).  You can donate here! 

Sunrise Association: Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing how little kids are impacted by cancer.  As a mom myself of two little nuggets, I cannot even imagine the pain and emotional rollercoaster that comes attached to that.  As a fellow obsessed sleepaway camper (Go Echo!), I am so touched by this organization. Sunrise Camps are the world’s only dedicated day camps for children with cancer and their siblings (free of charge!).  Two of our best friends, Ali and Jeff, who were by my side the entire time are actively involved as his father Stuart Brenner (who unfortunately recently lost his battle to cancer) was dedicated to this. He had a passion for making all kids feel special (as they should feel!).  Marc and I plan on becoming quite involved here as it is near and dear to our hearts. Click here for more information and also how to donate: here.

Cycle for Survival: In collaboration with Equinox, this organization has annual rides where teams are formed and raise money.  Millions of dollars are raised a year and it ALL goes to cancer research for MSKCC. This research saved my LIFE and so many others.  Either join a team, form a team, or donate! Below is my video from when I shared my story last year in front of hundreds of riders (warning, you will laugh and cry at the same time).  My family has done a team for more than 5 years and it is seriously the best day and so inspirational. More information: Here

  • Video (password is gab): Here

Fighting Pretty:  With cancer and the chemotherapy, you are faced with LOTS of physical changes.  Let’s keep it real, despite how fabulous I look with my short hair, it still isn’t ME.  My hair and my breasts were my THING; one recently described my hair as the perfect natural beach wave.  You lose weight, go under reconstructive surgery, lose your hair, lose your breasts, lose your eyebrows, lose your eyelashes, and your skin changes.  Huge shout out to my husband Marc who made me feel so beautiful throughout the entire journey (love you!!!). Fighting Pretty sends motivational beauty packages for chemo/cancer patients and the CEO/Founder also is a survivor of breast cancer.  We connected as soon as I was diagnosed, and I always looked up to her and the platform she created. They were on the Today Show last October and I was in the audience (until I almost fainted; we can save that story for another day!).  

  • Ways to get involved:  Here
    • Send Pretty Packages to those they love
    • Become part of their Fight Club by making a $30 donation per month to sponsor Pretty Packages for patients at hospitals around the globe
    • Join their coloring initiative by having kids (or adults really) color sheets and we put them into Pretty Packages!

Wear PINK: It is the color that represents Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Encourage your company to have a day where everyone wears it or be like me and rock pink nail polish all month.

Let’s F Cancer: This organization is just raw and real, and I love everything they stand for.  They shed light on topics related to all cancer and have a big social presence in a fantastic way.  

Shop: During October so many brands release their collaboration with charities where proceeds are donated.  Who doesn’t love a good reason to shop? Allure created a curated page where you can shop the products. 

Commit to a self-breast exam, scheduling a mammogram/MRI, or getting genetic tested.  Own your body!!

I could not be at this place of Zen without my support system.  My family and friends were there throughout (my chemo room was always filled!) and I am forever grateful.  I am obsessed with my birthday which happens to fall in October (16th to be precise!).  I will be 36 and this year is MINE.  Since 35 would have been my big bash, we are throwing a GIANT DOUBLE CHAI birthday (36!) to celebrate LIFE (because I can!).  I am the best version of myself right now in this moment and can only be grateful that at 36 I get to be surrounded by all my favorite people (my best friend Jamie since birth is even flying in from New Mexico!).  At 36, I am surrounded by love everyday (thanks to my husband, my amazing kids Riley and Pierce, family, and friends) and look at cancer as an experience that forever shaped me into looking at the glass half full. This only has made me a better person and one that when my kids can truly understand, they will be proud of!

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