Home sweet home is right! Brandon and I have been working on getting our new apartment for almost a year. It’s wild how much goes into buying something. It’s such a process that is filled with highs and lows but luckily we ended on a high with this one. Even though we’re both from the suburbs of Long Island, we both decided that we wanted to do something different with our family and stay in NYC for as long as we can. Obviously, NYC is the more expensive/less space choice but we love the energy, the diversity, the independence that it offers and would love our children to be exposed to that growing up. I have one baby so who knows what will happen after a second or third but at the moment this is what we love.

We have lived on the Upper East Side, Midtown and Tribeca. All locations are incredible but each are for a totally different kind of person. If you love the feel of the suburbs and more of a quiet vibe I think Tribeca is fantastic – it’s so family oriented and is far from the pulse of NYC. The Upper East Side is great for the family who loves the mix of the two. Family oriented, suburby vibes, super clean yet still busy. I loved the Upper East Side but Brandon absolutely did not. We compromised and wound up in the middle. We both love the hustle of NYC, the people, the parks, and all of that kind of stuff. Since this is our actual home, we are working on decorating it and making it absolutely perfect. Even though I’m not moving back to Long Island, I want to bring the home-y and warm vibes my house gave me. My mom set the perfect example for an ideal home to grow up in and I want to do the same for Ruby Lou. I know everyone hates the whole process of moving, but I can’t say enough about Roadway Moving who made the whole process so seamless and easy with even taking care of the packing part for me!! (dream come true)

We are custom designing all of the closets in the home and each and every one of them will be installed in early June. Until then, we hired a company called Imagine It Done. They unpack you, organize, manage, build, categorize, label EVERYTHING for you in your home. I was so overwhelmed but they helped me with every little thing until the last random chord in a random box that no one knew where it came from. I owe everything to them – they saved me and the stress that goes along with moving. Even though I’m all about my closets, I am kind of loving everything out on racks. I can see everything that I own, I’m finding things I haven’t seen in years and feel like I’m wearing something brand new.

I recently got this romper from Nicholas – it’s one of my favorite brands. It’s girly but still cool and they make it so easy to style with it’s colorful prints in their blouses but also with their amazing statement rompers and dresses. I styled it today with a pair of maroon open toe sandals to match the floral in the print but I also love that I can just pair this with a casual flat.

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful NYC weather! x


Romper / Shoes / Sunnies / Bag

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  1. So glad to hear that things are working out for the move! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more photos of the completed space! And I agree – I think it’s great to live in an urban, city environment when you’re young and have a relatively small family <3 It offers a different kind of experience, don't you think? And loving the floral romper – it's perfect for spring in NYC!

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