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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Jacket: AS by DF / Jeans: Re Done / Shoes: Gianvito Rossi / Blouse: H&M / Sunnies: Victoria Beckham / Bag: Chanel

Now that Fall has officially arrived, it’s time to break out your leather jackets. It’s probably my most favorite time of year because the temperature is JUST right. You know what I mean? You can wear a coat but you don’t HAVE to wear a coat, it actually is just for the outfit and not to keep you warm.

But when I thought about my jackets for this kind of weather, it was just my standard black motorcycle leather jackets. Not that that’s a bad thing, I live in them and I LOOOOVE them, but I have a million cool black leather jackets, I wanted something different to kick off Fall. I wanted something that is like my standard leather jacket but a little girlier, a little lighter but just as cool. Then I found it, this baby pink suede motorcycle jacket called the London Moto Leather Jacket from this company I just learned about AS by DF. I was so excited to pair it with a light pair of RE/DONE Levi’s and a clean white pump.

Actually, while writing this post, I just took a look at their site again to make sure I was naming the jacket correctly, oh my god. Every single piece is a dream. I need to order the cozy knits, the fringe jacket, the brown suede. I am so excited about Fall and Fall outfits, it’s why I live in New York!

Anyway, I have a super busy day today – this morning I’m attending the Gerber Event hosted by Jessie Decker (mom life) and then this afternoon I’m stopping by DogPound (a really cool boxing spot by my apt) for Ralph Lauren’s knock out breast cancer campaign. Follow along on Insta!


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  1. This is such a lovely moto jacket, girlie! I love that the sleeves fully open up, most just show extra fabric inside, so this is a nice change and it allows for those super cute bell sleeves to peak through! I hope you have fun at those events, that breast cancer one sounds great, I’ll have to check out your IG! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you’re having a great day so far!




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