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FAQ: Ruby Edition

So many of you constantly send me DM’s regarding Ruby’s toys, books, clothing, decor, schedule, etc. It’s hard to get to all of them so I decided to compile a bunch of the questions here and answer as many as I could! I will try to make an effort to do this more often as more questions flow in.

1. What classes does Ruby go to? Ruby takes all different kinds of classes. Right now she takes ballet, art class, music class, a playgroup with some of my mom friends and that’s pretty much it. I try to fill her days up as much as possible since she’s super active now and needs to constantly be entertained. She loves art the most I think, she gets to paint, use glue and sparkles. At the end of the semester, they put on an art show where we get to see all of the work they have done. She brings a lot of it home to me where I hang them up in our kitchen. The playgroup is fantastic, it’s called PlayAgain by a woman named Lisa. She hosts the group at someones apartment building and brings a bag of ‘things’ – things that you’d have lying around in your home, q tips, paper towels, cotton balls, tape! It keeps the kids super busy, she ends it by giving them all Cheerios and reading a book.

   2. What diaper bag do you suggest? I never really got into a diaper bag. I had one from Bonpoint but only used it for the first few newborn weeks. These days, whatever bag I’m carrying around is a bag that should look like an every day bag for me. I use my GOYARD, however I had it monogrammed by a company and it completely destroyed my bag. I’m super bummed about it because if we try to remove it, it ruins the actual bag! I still refuse to give it up so I’d say that is my diaper bag right now.

3. What is Ruby’s eating schedule? We get Ruby from her crib at 7:30 in the morning and I usually have her breakfast ready for her then. She is a big snacker (which makes scheduling pretty difficult) but between breakfast and lunch she likes to eat Honey Nut Cheerios, or sliced fruits. Lunch time is around 12, and dinner is at 5:15!

4. Where do you get Ruby’s pajamas? Our favorite pajamas for Ruby are by ESME Pajamas.

5. What baby monitor do you use? We use the NEST Monitor.

6. Does Ruby have temper tantrums and how do you handle them? Oh man, of course she does. She’s super strong willed and very independent. She loves to do things on her own and explore, big time! Normally, I try to ignore her bad behavior. If she throws a tantrum she usually stares at me while she cries and I just look back at her and don’t act. Leading up to a tantrum I try to give her three warnings in a tone. While she throws her tantrums and cries and stares at me, I usually wait and she walks over to me and hugs me. I then find something to distract her with. Distraction is key.

7. Where did you get the bookcase in Ruby’s room? The bookcases in Ruby’s bedroom are from Restoration Hardware.

8. What toys do you recommend? Ruby’s favorite toys at the moment are her baby dolls, her barbies, her scooter, her baby stroller (all of the babies accessories), books and an iPad.

9. How do you hope your relationship with Ruby grows as she gets older and how do you plan to keep such a special time for the two of you? I hope she continues to have that strong connection towards me. While sometimes it’s overwhelming and she can be super clingy/attached, it makes me feel like she just has a really strong connection towards me and nothing makes me happier. She thinks I’m the most fun person ever and wants me to do everything with her. She’s totally fine with other people but knows that we have the most fun together. I want her to grow up into a confident, strong, independent, creative girl. I want her to share everything with me (just as I did/do with my mother). Trust is everything and I want to make sure she always feels that I’m there for her whenever she needs me. Time together varies every day, I’m with her every single day except when she goes to class. Wednesdays are my favorite because it’s when we go to playgroup together and hang with family or friends in the afternoon. It’s our day together. Weekends are also really special for us, we spend every second together as a family.

10. What is your day to day schedule like with Ruby? I wake up Ruby every morning at 7:30, make her breakfast and play with her until our nanny gets in around 9. Ruby has class at 9:30 and comes home around 11:30 for lunch and nap time. She wakes up from her nap and we play for a little before her afternoon class. She’s usually home for the night around 4:30, sometimes around then, I take her for a playdate, for dinner with friends, or we go down to the playroom in our building which she loves. Dinner is around 5:15, 5:30 followed by bath time at 6 and then bed time is usually around 7:30!

11. Who is the carpet by in Ruby’s room? Missoni from Stark Carpet!

12. What are your thoughts on gender segregation of toys and do you think of this when giving toys to Ruby? Definitely not. I let ruby play with anything her heart desires. She loves cars, trucks, planes but also loves her dolls, barbies and girly toys. I want her to play with whatever she gravitates towards!

13. How long did you breastfeed Ruby? 3 months.

14. What high chair does Ruby use? We use the Inglesina and the OXO.

15. What is the best toy you would recommend to teach a baby the alphabet and numbers? I’m not really sure, we’re still working on that. In the bathtub she has these foam letters and numbers and loves sticking them to the sides of the tub. We talk about the letters and numbers and she slowly picks them up. We also love watching Little Baby Bum nursery rhymes – they had alphabet ones and number songs that she loves!

16. Where is Ruby’s sleep sack from? Ruby’s sleep sack is from Bed Bath & Beyond – it’s by Halo Sleepsacks

17. Do you give Ruby anything besides a probiotic? Nope, just that

18. Where is Ruby’s crib from? Ruby’s crib is from Restoration Hardware

19. What hair products do you like to use on Ruby? We love Fairy Tales Shampoo and Conditioner.

20.Where did you find Ruby’s slippers? Ruby’s slippers were a gift from her boyfriend Cy, they are from Restoration Hardware.

21. What brand of vitamin do you give Ruby? Culturelle Kids!

22. What was Ruby’s favorite gifts from her first birthday? Her baby stroller for sure. She didn’t care for it right away but right now, the last few months, that’s been her absolute favorite!

23. Where did you get Ruby’s iPad case? The Apple Store!

24. What shoes did Ruby wear when she first started to walk? We used the Baby On the Go – we still love them!

25. What are you favorite apps for Ruby? We love Little Baby Bum. First words is a great APP as well.

26. What is your favorite winter coat for Ruby? Our favorite one right now that she has is by Chloe.

27. What are you favorite snacks to feed Ruby? Ruby loves Happy Baby Puffs, Yogi’s and teethers.

28. How long did it take for Ruby to learn how to use/be successful at the word app? She picked it up pretty quickly. She was always enamored by it and loved watching it and then one day she started repeating the words in real life with out the app whenever she’d see the object.

29. What is Ruby’s favorite doll? Corolle! Her favorite ever.

30. Where are Ruby’s bulldog pajamas from? The bulldog pajamas are by Noomies

31. Where are Ruby’s bean bags from in her playroom? They are from Pottery Barn Kids.

By Arielle Charnas

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