EDGY floral

I’ve had this dress for a little over two years and when going through my closets to put together looks for our shoot, I came across it and thought how can I style this differently and make it exciting again? Nikki actually helped me out by telling me to pair it with my brand new Balenciaga booties and belt it. I was hesitant since I’m usually not that edgy but we put it on and I wound up loving it. So thanks to Nikki for styling me today haha.

I caved into buying these boots, they’re so fun and honestly I’ve really been trying to invest more into flats since I rarely get to wear my heels that often anymore. I know these are trendy but they’ve been around for a few years so I have a feeling I’ll be able to get good use out of them for some time.

On a more personal note, if you follow my Instastories, I asked about ruptured ovarian cysts this morning. I’m not sure what happened to me last night but I’m pretty sure that is what I experienced. Still feeling pretty off this AM. I won’t know for sure until I go to the doctor tomorrow. It was so crazy to see how many messages came through regarding this topic. It seems as though it’s super common and a lot of you have experienced this. It’s so painful and somewhat alarming but hopefully it’s not too serious. Thank you all for being so open with me and sharing your stories – I know I can get into very personal topics but I love that a lot of you are open to sharing your experiences with me as well. Keep you posted!

Dress: Zimmermann (similar) / Boots: Balenciaga / Sunnies: The Row / Bag: Chanel (similar) / Belt: Gucci

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