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10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home

Your home should be your happy place!

And right now, we’re spending more time than ever in our homes. So why not use this time as an opportunity to refresh your space? We asked team Something Navy to share their favorite DIY home hacks and budget-friendly picks that they’ve used to elevate their own places. From the inexpensive buys that will replace the priciest coffee table books to the dried flowers that will last for weeks, read on for our favorite DIY and budget-friendly home tips.

#1: Style Your Coffee Table With Magazines

Beautiful coffee table books add so much to your living room space, but you can also add equally pretty (and far less expensive) magazines instead. Magazine covers are like works of art these days, so they'll help your space feel elevated and sophisticated–and they'll cost a fraction of what an expensive coffee table book may cost. 

#2: Frame Art Yourself

Getting art framed professionally can be pricey. Luckily, you can do it yourself! Order your art prints or photos from a retailer with a wide selection of art available, like Society 6, and frame them yourself in inexpensive but classic black frames from Amazon. It's a cost-effective way to refresh your wall art game. 

#3: An Acrylic Coffee Table Will Make Your Space Feel Open

For many of us, living in New York means living in…small spaces. If you want to open up your living room, try adding in an acrylic coffee to brighten the space. It will make your room look much larger without a clunky coffee table taking over the space, and you'll be free to add any accents you want to the coffee table to make it more personal. Wayfair has budget-friendly options to shop, as does Home Depot and Target. 

#4: Add a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can showcase all of your favorite art pieces in one place–you can combine art prints and handmade art with photographs and pieces from friends or family. The key is to mix and match frame textures and types with various mediums of art, from photography to prints and paintings. The more unique your variety of your art is, the better–a true mix of art will give your gallery wall character! 

#5: Swap Fresh Flowers for Dried

Flowers add so much to your space, but buying a fresh bouquet of flowers can be pricey if you're doing it on a regular basis. Dried flowers like these (they're from Pop Florist) will last far longer than a fresh bouquet, so you can get more time out of your florals. 

#6: Repurpose Hooks for Extra Storage

Repurpose old knobs or hooks to hang your favorite handbags, hats, and other items in your closet or room. The hooks don't have to match–you can even use the large, inexpensive command hooks for this. It creates extra storage room on your shelves and creates new storage space you would have never used before–plus it will put your bags on display like art! 

#7: Add Character to Your Bar Cart

You don't have to be a tried and true entertainer to have a sophisticated bar cart. In fact, you can start building a bar cart with whatever glassware or drink accessories you have at home. The key to an eye-catching bar cart is combining a mix of items–you can add any bottles of wine or alcohol you have handy (no bottle looks inexpensive when beautifully displayed), or you can save corks from your favorite bottles of wine and add them to your display. Mix antiques with other momentos, like an art print or small cocktail books, on your bar cart. Pro tip: wait for a sale to buy on a bar cart–this one from West Elm was on sale over Black Friday.

#8: Your Dresser Can Double as a Makeup Station

The key to living in a small apartment is to make sure every piece of furniture has more than one purpose. The top of your dresser is prime for another use, so make it your makeup counter by organizing all of your favorite beauty products on top with a fun mirror (like this round one from Target) on top. Voila! Your glam station is complete. 

#9: Even Statement Art Can Be Budget Friendly

David Parise's photos of vintage 1960's Barbie and Ken are the epitome of statement art–they're beautiful, eye-catching, and unlike anything else you'll find out there. But this statement art can be a bit more wallet-friendly if you order a vintage-inspired print straight from Parise and frame it yourself with an inexpensive frame from Amazon.

#10: Create Your Own Art

You don't have to be a professional artist to create a work of art. In fact, you can draw or create a piece of art yourself to have on display in your home. Anna painted a portrait of her dog Bowie here, but you can also create a still life, a sketch of something you love, or even turn your favorite Instagrams into beautiful photo prints. Even better? You'll appreciate all the hard work and TLC that went into it. 


By Maggie Maloney

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