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Dressing On Theme

Invited to a theme party and not sure what to wear?

Or, better yet, in the mood to pick a theme for the night and make everyone dress up? Yeah… us too! We’re anxiously awaiting invitations to our next soiree, but in the meantime we’re getting our outfits ready. We’ve made it easy for you to choose from pieces you already have, so you can just grab a few key items and be on your way!

Studio 54

A metallic jumpsuit, big hoops, bigger platforms and even BIGGER curls are all you need to get into the heyday of Studio 54’s glory. And you KNOW this jumpsuit is something you can totally wear again!

Shop the Hoops, Sunglasses, Jumpsuit, Platforms

80s Throwback

Neon, neon and more neon is the actual theme of 80s night. Electrify your look with brights in every hue like these that tie 80s night together. 

Shop the Scrunchie, Earrings, Bodysuit, Shorts, Sneakers

Wild West

A comfy flannel, some cut-offs and a cowboy-inspired hat send the message that you’re here for the rodeo. And if you ever needed an excuse to get those leather cowboy boots you’ve been eyeing and know you’ll wear all fall long, a Western-themed party is all you need.

Shop the Hat, Shirt, Shorts, Boots

Burlesque Glamour

Feathers and pearls bring the glamour for the perfect burlesque look. Or head over to a different party and make it Gatsby style. Just add tight curls, winged eyeliner and a bold, red lip.

Shop the Headband, Necklace, Dress, Heels

Welcome to the 60s

This look serves serious Mad Men vibes. We love the pearl accents and white pumps that are so 60s. Start YouTubing how to get that beehive hairstyle with a bump on top and a flip in the front now because it might take you a bit to get it just right!

Shop the Earrings, Necklace, Dress, Heel

Under The Sea

Take it down under with mermaid-inspired colors we are loving right now, themed party or not! Add some colorful glitter eyeshadow and go for a slicked-back hairstyle or even loose beachy waves and you’re good to go! 

Shop the Headband, Eyeshadow, Top, Skirt

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