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Dr. Shereene Idriss

Tell us who you are…

My name is Dr. Shereene Idriss and I am a cosmetic dermatologist in NYC with a passion for faces.

1. Tell us about your business and what makes you stand out?

The cosmetic and medical industry is saturated with unethical and unqualified providers who are altering peoples’ perceptions of themselves. My goal is simple: I aim to offer my patients the highest quality of care and service by understanding where my patients are coming from, how their faces have evolved over time and what direction they are heading, without attempting to alter their natural beauty. I don’t really follow trends either; everything great was once new, but not everything new is great. With that, I just do what I believe is in the best interest for my patients and the most beautiful on my patients. My intent is to make every person I treat look and feel as beautiful as they possibly can while maintaining what sets them apart and keeping them looking the best that only they can be.

2. How did you get started?

It’s been a long road to here, but in a nutshell: 3 years of college, 1 year of research, 4 years of medical school followed by 1 year of surgical training then 3 years of dermatology residency – these 12 years were my formative years where I learned “the basics.” Throughout, I was always inspired by beauty, and would seek creative outlets through painting and sculpting. It wasn’t until I graduated, that I dedicated myself to combining my passion for beauty with my skill set. Fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn from some of the pioneers within the field of cosmetic dermatology, I’ve spent the last few years honing my technique and unique approach into what it is today.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Hands down, after treating my patients, watching them in real-time rediscover themselves in the mirror and walk out having gained a newfound confidence! Those are the things that make me feel the most fulfilled, like I’ve done something right. It never gets old.

4. How do we find you?

You can either find me practicing at Union Square Laser Dermatology in NYC (19 union square west 5th floor), or on my #Pillowtalkderm series on Instagram (@shereeneidriss) where I answer your questions and discuss all things beauty.

Lightning Round

1. My favorite place to vacation is… SO HARD TO PICK! I can’t think of anything I love more (aside from my family) than traveling and discovering new places. Most recently, I visited Bhutan and fell in love with the people, culture and sceneries. But, if I’m forced to pick only one, then the south of France holds the key to my heart (and my stomach).

2. My biggest pet peeve is running late.

3. My guilty pleasure is a spoonful of Nutella dipped in Cocoa Krispies (Specific? Yes… but thank me later)

4. My biggest fear is going down a very, very steep escalator with no one standing in front of me.

5. My biggest accomplishment is being where I am right now – although I am still a work in progress and hope to always remain one. Not to get all philosophical on you, but I am truly grateful forallof life’s moments, the monumental ones, and more importantly, the setbacks that have lead me to here. It is in those humbling times that I discovered my tenacity and learned that by persisting and staying true to myself, I could accomplish anything I set out to do.


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