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Doen for Pregnancy

I’m sure by now you all know how obsessed I am with the brand DOEN. I discovered them before this pregnancy but also learned that a lot of their pieces are made to be worn during pregnancy as well as after. The entire vibe of their brand is something you’d want to be apart of. They are laid back, beautiful, feminine, relaxed, free and very California but I don’t care and I make it work in the cold streets of New York because their pieces are that comfortable. I get a lot of my inspiration for my own line from their pieces – the subtle shoulders, the girly prints and frills. I shoved my bump into this dress knowing that I bought it when I wasn’t pregnant and I actually feel like I love it on me more with my belly. It adds such a beautiful shape and also just makes me feel beautiful all together. It’s really special when you’re pregnant and you find pieces that make you feel this way. I would buy their entire collection for that reason alone!

You can check out the rest of their pieces here – I ordered so much for the next two months but also for after birth and I can’t wait to style and shoot it all.

Photography by Tawni Bannister.

Dress: Doen / Shoes: Chanel (similar) / Bag: Chanel (similar) / Sunnies: Ray Ban / Earrings: Jennifer Fisher

By Arielle Charnas

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