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DIY Halloween: Best In Pop Culture

Instead of waiting until the last minute to throw together a Halloween costume, we’re coming up with ours on the early side to make sure we have ample time to get everything we need to pull it off.

We’re loving these looks that recreate iconic women from pop culture and as a bonus, each outfit is pretty easy to DIY! Scroll down for our favorite costume ideas and ways you can do them yourself!


You’re going to need a lot of sparkle for this one! And a really good singing voice to match.

Photo via: Pinterest

Carrie Bradshaw

Obviously, a Carrie costume is a Something Navy fave! And any excuse to wear a tutu is our idea of a good time. Be like Carrie and take the streets of New York all dressed up for the full experience. 

Photo via: Pinterest

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction

Looking for a reason to color your hair dark again? We’ve got you covered for one night and one night only with the perfect wig. Plus, you can never have too many white button-downs. 

Photo via: Pinterest

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

This costume takes a bit more work, but we make it easy. Plus, just like the movie, it will never get old! 

Photo via: Pinterest

Sandy from Grease

This one is a true classic. And you can add all of the necessary pieces into your real wardrobe, too. 

Photo via: Pinterest

Marilyn Monroe

Go big with this iconic Marilyn look! It’s the perfect way to look super glam and feminine for the night.

Photo via: Pinterest

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