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Comments By Celebs

Tell us who you are…

Hi! We’re Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer, the founders of Comments By Celebs. We are 24 & 22 year old former sorority sisters, who met at Syracuse University and bonded over our love of pop culture and celebrity news.

1.  Tell us about your business and what makes you stand out?

The core of our business is our instagram account, @CommentsByCelebs. In short, as the name outlines, we post the comments that celebrities leave on other celebrities’ pictures. We started the account right when instagram changed their algorithm to highlight verified comments. Being the original ones to capitalize on this idea make us stand out. Additionally, we keep the tone of our page positive, lighthearted & humorous, which is different than that of many other celebrity news outlets. Our goal is to humanize celebrities and showcase their relatable and witty side, in addition to breaking news stories that happen in the comments section.

2. How did you get started?

As mentioned earlier, we started the account when we recognized that Instagram changed their algorithm to highlight verified comments. All of a sudden, we were seeing a variety of celebrities interacting via the comments section, and we knew we had to do something with this idea. Gauging how much our friends enjoyed reading these back and forths, we just knew others would as well.
Julie and I have always had a love for pop culture, so it was such a natural fit.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job?

There’s definitely something cool about knowing that there is such a giant population who appreciate the intricacies of celebrity comments and pop culture as much as we do. We get a lot of messages saying that we are a bright and positive spot in their otherwise stressful days, and that feels so good. Our goal has always been to make people laugh and to add a sense of lightness to the sometimes negative world of celeb coverage. It’s also rewarding to see that celebrities understand our mission – to highlight their wit, and make them more relatable. It’s never our intention to make anyone look bad, so it’s comforting to see that our idea is being well received.

4. How do we find you?

Our main page is @CommentsByCelebs. Niche accounts are: @cbcbravo, @cbcathletes, @cbcyoutube. Podcast can be found on iTunes!

Lightning Round


1. My favorite place to vacation is Barcelona.
2. My biggest pet peeve is having to take off my shoes at TSA.
3. My guilty pleasure is David Dobrik vlogs.
4. My biggest fear is sharks.
5. My biggest accomplishment is founding Comments By Celebs.


1. My favorite place to vacation is Tel Aviv
2. My biggest pet peeve is incorrect usages of there/their/they’re
3. My guilty pleasure is carbs
4. My biggest fear is planes/heights
5. My biggest accomplishment is co-founding Comments by Celebs


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