Chocolate Detailing.

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Photography by Alexandra Wolf

Coat: ASOS / Jeans: Citizens of Humanity / Boots: Isabel Marant / Bag: Celine / Top: ACNE 

Happy Friday everyone! I really felt like my old self today when shooting these pictures. Even though I get completely winded after 5 minutes, the outfit and the location made it all worth it. I loved the all white with the pop of brown faux fur coat. I ordered these boots a few days ago and really wanted to style my outfit around them. Also, I really needed a brown ankle boot and they were on sale. That’s how I justify it. Isabel Marant I think makes the best when it comes to that style. A lot of my boots are from Isabel Marant and they never make the heel too high and I also don’t like when a boot is tight around the ankle, Isabel Marant always keeps that cool relaxed vibe to their pieces.

I ordered these jeans from SHOPBOP because I really wanted a white pair of skinnies to wear during my pregnancy but I am not in love with the fit. I ordered my usual 24’s because Citizens of Humanity never changes the leg size (just adds the waistband) but with these they were really baggy in my legs. I cuffed them and played around with them to make them work but I’m not sure if it’s my most flattering. I shouldn’t be calling that out but I gotta tell you guys the truth! I put a round up of other Citizens of Humanity skinnies that I think are better.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!! x

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  1. I totally agree love her boots for the same reason. They’re a comfy boot one can actually run around in all day. Citizens are one of my go to brands for jeans also but agree the fit on these is 100%. Overall still super cute though 🙂

  2. I love your style and you are a true inspiration, but sometimes can you post photos in more affordable clothing and shoes? I think a lot of people would appreciate it, I love your sense in fashion but it is so hard to keep up because these clothes are so expensive

  3. It’s funny the little things that we can feel aren’t right about our outfits or makeup, but no one else ever notices! You look great, love the booties.
    Tasha Juli

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