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Brandon Styles Arielle: Holiday Edition

Back by popular demand… Brandon styles Arielle for the holidays!

We love seeing the looks he comes up with and Arielle’s reactions are always priceless. As usual, Brandon has full creative license to pull whatever pieces from her closet that he sees fit for 3 different occasions: a family gathering, an office party and New Year’s Eve! Check out his picks here and let us know what you think of his styling skills.

Outfit 1: Office Party


Brandon: I’m going to go with this jumpsuit because it’s sexy. I think the boots make this look winter chic. This is so cool. I’m going to go with this Nour Hammour leather jacket. I was going to go with the oversized denim jacket by The Row to make the outfit a little boho chic, but I think the black looks better with gray. This is the snowbird outfit, which is so cool. I love the jumpsuit with the boots because it’s very 60s, very Greased Lightning.

Arielle’s Thoughts: I mean, I think this is the craziest outfit of all time. It’s unclear how we even got to this jumpsuit because it’s summer, so it should be in storage. The boots are a new purchase so I understand why he picked them because they were just unboxed and an easy grab. I’m proud of him for pairing it with a winter leather jacket, though. The earrings were an interesting touch. Overall, I think he had good intentions.

Outfit 2: Family Gathering

Brandon: I think I’ll go with pants that are a little more formal. Fall is over and we’re headed into winter, so we’ll pair them with this pretty turtleneck. Nice for a family gathering look… turtlenecks are very cool. Underneath the turtleneck, we’ll do a shirt to add some layers. I’m going to pair the outfit with a classic Rolex to keep it traditional. I love her with a belt bag around her waist. This is a really cool outfit. 

Arielle’s Thoughts: Not going to lie, I don’t hate this outfit. This is a nice outfit and I’m impressed. The only thing that I would maybe change is the bag because the placement is kind of funny and I don’t love the earrings. Otherwise, great job!

Outfit 3: New Years Eve


Brandon: I feel like you should go with something short and sexy to get your significant other a little excited. Loooove this… it is the perfect length. I paired it with these classy and elegant pumps. Boom!

Arielle’s Thoughts: This really didn’t have to be styled much, so he did a good job just because I love this dress. It weirdly looks cute with the shoes. I probably wouldn’t wear it with these shoes, but it’s not horrible. The only thing I probably wouldn’t wear with this look are the earrings.

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