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Brandon Styles Arielle 3 Different Ways

Brandon dressed Arielle in 3 different looks: Friday night with family, Saturday date night and casual Sunday.

He had full creative license to do whatever he wanted with anything in Arielle’s closet and these are the looks he put together. What do you think of his choices?! 

Outfit 1: Friday Night With Family

Brandon: On Friday night, she is going to want to be comfortable. It’s getting kind of chilly out so I would pair these pants from Zara with this sweater. I like it because it still shows a little stomach and I think seeing a little bit of the belly button is sexy. She might want to bring this t-shirt to wear underneath it though, in case she does wind up getting cold. I’m going to pair it with this boot because they are flat, but not totally so they give a little bit of height and I think the green hue goes nicely with the rest of the outfit. For accessories, I picked the brown watch because it goes with the vibe of this full fall trend, and of course so she can tell time.

Arielle’s Thoughts: He did a good job with the color combo but his miss was where the pant hits the boot.

Outfit 2: Saturday Night Date Night

Brandon: I like the short velvet dress – it feels very New York Sex and the City and I like the red boot because I like a pop of color but it is still understated. I went with this bag because I felt like it gave the outfit a little something extra.

Arielle’s thoughts: This is scary. I would never wear this. I think he did a good job with the earrings and the dress but the shoe and bag choice are a little off. I understand where he was coming from though.

Outfit 3: Casual Sunday

Why did you pick this outfit? Brandon: I love the tint on the wash of this denim. The sweater is easy; you can throw it on and it is very comfortable but it still looks put together. It won’t get messy because of the dark color, and these booties are great because they complement the contrast of the jeans. I paired the outfit with a nice Chanel bag.

Arielle’s thoughts: I think this is his best one. The shoes are my only complaint. I think he had a hard time understanding where the jeans would hit on my ankle, which is fair because these aren’t skinny jeans. I love the sweater and I like that he’s been gravitating toward earthy tones.

Brandon: I love that you noticed that – you look so cool.

Brandon, what did you learn from this?

Brandon: I learned that I’m pretty good at this. I’m telling you right now I’ve gotta be honest – this is a pretty easy task to do because she looks good in everything.

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