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Books For Every Mood

We love falling into a great book.

Similar to how we shop for clothes, we often select books via recommendations from friends!  The trouble is that suggestions can be all over the place because sometimes you’re in the mood for a story that’s going to make you stay up all night reading, and other times you want a relatable read that you can refer back to every time you go on a trip. Finding time for reading isn’t the easiest thing to do these days, but even sneaking in a few minutes on the Subway is always worth it. And now there really are no excuses since you can get any book you want on your phone (which sometimes is a better way to zone out than scrolling through the same posts on Instagram for the millionth time, just saying!). Here are our top 10 books for every mood, in no particular order that will always hit the spot:

When you’ve already watched It’s Complicated twice this week but still want more Steve Martin, read Born Standing Up written by the legend himself, Steve Martin.

When you want to learn how to cook and be thoroughly entertained at the same time, read Hot Mess Kitchen. 

When you want a thriller that’s also a movie, read A Simple Favor. 

When you want a classic coming-of-age story set in one of the fanciest New York City restaurants, read Sweetbitter. 

When you want to learn about the infamous magazine world before Instagram existed and see how drugs will always ruin your career, read How To Murder Your Life by former beauty editor Cat Marnell. 

When your closet is overflowing and it’s giving you anxiety, read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. 

When you want to escape to the Woodstock era of the 60s, but don’t have access to a time machine, read I’m With The Band. 

When you want insane Silicon Valley gossip that is juicer than any Kardashian tabloid scandal, read Bad Blood. 

When you need to figure out what you want to do with your life, start your blog or get your priorities together, read The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck.

When you’re sick of the dating apps, but haven’t lost hope yet, read Modern Romance. Better yet, listen to it on audio so you can hear Aziz Ansari narrate it himself. 

What are your favorite books? Let us know in the comments.


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