THE best SPRING flats

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  1. I don’t want you to publish this because it’s not intended to insult you to your readers. But your Instagram stories view of your real personality is not very flattering. You seem self absorbed, narcissistic (which is a disorder), and you constantly have your phone in the face of your kid, all things that signal you are emotionally unhealthy. Your life isn’t very interesting yet you want to show the “behind the scenes.” Of what? A woman who has so much time on her hands and so much help but doesn’t really DO anything? Running a blog is not hard, what you are doing is not hard. You wouldn’t know that unless you actually had a real career, and that’s okay. But try something else. Focus on styling, tips that benefit your readers. It’s cute how vain you are, staring at the camera phone making sure the filters are just right and your hair is just right, but it’s so boring. No offense, but consider doing something that actually gives something to your readers they want — that’s not YOU snowflake.

    1. Hurt People Hurt People, but people that are full of love, love people. You should check yourself @”useful feedback” Nothing but hurtful about that. Just saying’.

      1. You know what’s not “emotionally healthy” a person who feels the need to put down a successful and happy human being. Maybe you should try to focus on not being such a nasty individual. It’s cute how you think your “feedback” is useful and will have any impact on her life. Your comment actually made me laugh, but mainly because I was flabbergasted at your blatantly rude opinions. Clearly you do care VERY much and have watched numerous videos and posts to develop such an unprecedented rage towards her. Jealousy is a b*tch isn’t it.

        Arielle, for what it’s worth I VERY much enjoy watching your, instastories, snaps, and anything else you choose to share with us. And I for one think you are mentally stable lol. So please don’t ever stop doing what you want to do.

        That’s all (devil wears prada ref.)

    2. Yuck. The internet is such a horrible place sometimes. Individuals say awful things from behind screens that they would NEVER say in front of another individual.
      ^^^ Do me a favor, SNOWFLAKE, and turn that energy that you waste insulting people and turn it into something that ACTUALLY makes a difference.

      Check yourself out before you throw hateful words at real people.

  2. Arielle, there are plenty of haters around that are are envious of the life you live. Personally, I enjoy watching your Snapchat and Instagram stories. As a woman who is also a new mom to an almost one-year-old and into fashion, I admire everything that you do and learn a lot from what you share. I don’t understand the life of a blogger because I’ve never done anything like that, therefore I cannot nor will I ever criticize your work. I appreciate that you share your life with your readers and make us feel as though we are a part of your life. Please continue to do what you do, I (along with many others) thoroughly enjoy it.
    ..And to the person who previously commented, if you are uninterested in someone’s stories, then maybe you should refrain from following them.

  3. Loved all of these picks, especially number 11! And in response to the “constructive” advice above – please don’t feel the need to respond/react to such negative comments… Being a blogger is definitely not easy, no matter if you’re a full-time blogger or blog as a side passion. What a lot of people fail to see on the surface is how much time and effort it really takes to run a blog like this. Don’t ever stop doing the things you love because there’s a whole group of us who are here to support you!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. Loving all the Spring flats! Want them all!!
    And please, just ignore that crazy phsyco who wrote that hahaha
    Thanks for publishing it though, it’s certainly entertaining!
    Poor thing that you have go through mean comments and thoughts all the time!
    Have a great week girl!
    PS: Love your Instagram!

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