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Best in Baby

Everyone always asks us about Arielle’s go-to products that she loves to buy for her girls. Some you’ve seen on Stories or in the background of her pics and others we’re sharing right here for the first time.

Either way, they’re totally SN approved! Arielle is really into finding products and brands she trusts because there really is so much out there these days. After having two kids, she’s definitely been able to narrow it down. Check out her favorite buys for her girls here.


The Charnas girls love these Earth’s Best organic pouches so, so much. Arielle finds that they are also the best way for her kids to eat their fruits and veggies. And they’re super portable, which is always a bonus when you’re running around all day long.

Ruby loves Annie’s! Annie’s makes the best snacks with, in their words, “better-for-you” ingredients. Their snacks come in cute bunny shapes that Ruby is obsessed with and their mac and cheese is both organic and Ruby-approved too. Ruby is constantly asking for their gummies and cheddar bunnies to get her through the day!

Simple Mills makes great organic options for picky eaters. They have an array of snack options like crackers and cookies as well as breakfast staples like pancake mix and easy-to-prep oatmeal. Their frosting is delicious too and makes for the perfect guilt-free cookie decorating activity. Arielle loves them because she knows their foods are healthy and they really do make life easier. Arielle started buying Simple Mills pretty recently and both her and Ruby love everything they’ve tried so far!

Arielle loves when her girls eat their fruits and veggies, but getting them to do it is a different story. She swears by these Natierra Nature’s Organic Mangos that Ruby loves to snack on. They’re the perfect way to get the kids to load up on vitamin C!


Esme loves her Turtle Ball Pit, which is exactly what is sounds like – an adorable plush turtle character that zips open into a ball pit. The best part is how easy it is to clean up because all you have to do is zip the balls back in and you’re good to go.

Supergoop recently launched a sunscreen for kids, just in time for the summer. It was a must-pack on Arielle’s list for her Hamptons move and she’ll be slathering it on her girls all season long.

Ruby has a ton of hair so finding the perfect shampoo was a top priority. Their Tangle Tamers line is great for curly hair like Ruby’s and makes post-bath time so much easier now. They also make a line of lice-preventing shampoos and conditioners because you know, kids.

Having two little girls in the apartment means that the Charnas family goes through a ton of wipes. We love the Honest Company’s version of wet wipes which you’ll find in every bathroom and in all of Arielle’s diaper bags.

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste has been a lifesaver when it comes to getting Ruby to brush her teeth! It’s all natural and strawberry flavored, making both Arielle and Ruby happy.

Having babies means you’re bound to go through a ton of bibs each day, from teething, drooling and eating. We love the Burt’s Bees super soft organic cotton bibs that come in cute colors to match all Esme’s outfits!


What are your favorite things you buy for your kids? Let us know!



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